Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Musings

Just some random thoughts.

I was going through some of my fabric the other day and came across this fat 1/8 (the one on the left). I'm not sure I like it enough to put it in a quilt. However...I like it enough to use it as inspiration for a quilt. I'm picturing some solids or nearly solids against either Kona charcoal or raisin, with some big-stitch quilting, all kinda wonky. Thoughts?

Do you ever order fabric from freshsqueezed fabrics? Randi has superb customer service and she always includes a couple of 5" charm squares. I've done a variety of things with them: included them in a quilt, used them as backing for pincushions, or, like this one (the one on the right in the picture above), cut a chunk out for my charm hexagon quilt.  Then I pictured another quilt based on this little 5" piece of fabric as inspiration. I don't know that I would have thought to put these colors altogether, but I'm kind of liking them in this swatch. I hope they translate into 5" squares and still look good together on a larger scale.

Sandi Henderson has designed some of my favorite fabric (Henna Garden, how I love you...), and a couple of months ago I did a pattern test for Saffron Craig, using Meadowsweet fabric. Here is the skirt on my model. I ended up making some adjustments/changes, but I guess that is the whole purpose of pattern testing. My favorite part (aside from the adorable model) is the plaid band around the bottom of the hem.

And speaking of Saffron, she has a new line of fabric out. I just received 1/2 yard cuts (and yes that means I'm out of fabric money for the month...) and she included this pile of selvages. And you all know how happy that makes me, right?


  1. It's so fun when fabric itself is the inspiration for a quilt. I love the colors; especially the idea of using Kona Raisin {my new favorite color}. I think you have a great design started!

    Jennifer :)

  2. I think that fabric gave you some wonderful sounding inspiration! That sounds so neat,I can't wait to see it!

  3. I think we have the same taste in fabric because I adore Sandi's Henna prints too! Can't get enough of them the past few days! I also love ordering from Randi, and got that same square of squares. Love it! Cool idea to use those two prints for a quilt inspiration, especially with all solids. Can't wait to see that!

  4. oh, how i love henna garden fabric from sandi, too. it's soooooooo lovely.

  5. Yes Definately do it!! It would look great.. i Love the wonky idea!! xx

  6. I love Saffron Craig fabrics. The colors are so rich and they are unlike anything else you see around. Love the fabric with the squares, too!

  7. Love the fabric-y inspiration today, especially that colorful charm square. That would make a beautiful quilt.

  8. Thanks for mentioning me Cindy. The skirt looks good. I am excited to see what you will create with all those yummy cotton fabrics. I am saving more selvedges for you too. ;)

  9. Your fabric reminds me of the children's story books about Elmer the Elephant! Really fun fabric. I have just started on the Hexie thing but am right with you with the selvedges - I love selvedges!
    Enjoy whatever you are doing, whenever you are doing it!
    Val Oxfordshire UK

  10. I am saving all my Fresh Squeezed charms just to see what happens if I get enough to make a quilt! I heart Henna Garden as well, and have a stack with a yard in every color!!!




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