Sunday, December 12, 2010

Are you living in a snowglobe today?

Judging from football games on TV today, the country is running the gamut weather-wise, from sunny San Diego to snow storms in Chicago. Here in central California, it is very grey and overcast, weather I happen to adore, although a lot of people find it rather dreary. If you're dreaming of a white Christmas, check out Terri's pictures. They look beautiful to me. But I'm not the one who has to get the snowblower out and clear a path...

Yesterday I was running errands, looking at all the beautiful things at Pottery Barn (and wondering how long it will take for the PB knocks-offs to arrive at Target....) when I kept seeing people with scarves wrapped around their necks, gloves on their hands, saying, "It's so cold out there." Uh, yeah, a chilly 60 degrees...

This is my vote for one of the cutest Christmas prints out there this year: Alexander Henry's 2D yuletide zoo.

I made pillowcases for Charlotte and Levi. I think the rest will go into some wonky Christmas log cabin blocks.

Then I customized pincushions for two friends, the one who started me on my quilting journey about fifteen years ago and the other for a blogging friend who has answered lots of photography questions, and once I really start playing with my new camera, hopefully she'll be willing to answer a lot more (do you think she'll notice I'm trying to butter her up??).
Dotty took me under her wing when I decided it was time to learn to quilt. I remember sitting at her kitchen table with a yellow notepad and watching her quickly sketch a double four-patch and giving me a rough estimate of how much yardage I would need to purchase. Four different prints. Looking back, I can't believe how much I agonized over picking four different fabrics. Now fabric choice is one of my favorite parts of quilting.

And Anne, I know the question about what color hair you have was a bit weird. But here's why. I really wanted to use this selvage...

Anyone out there have red hair? Named Anne?


  1. How about a middle name of Anne? I had flaming red hair when I was born which turned to auburn when I was a teen and it now a golden gray. Does that count?????

    Love your sweet gifts and I agree that that is adorable fabric. I really do like most of the Alexander Henry prints. I know that some are a little off the wall, but delightful in their colors all the same.

    I can't complain about our temps either. It was 86* today and beautiful - much better than our miserable summer this year.

  2. Theres a famous Anne with red hair. And she definately spells it with an "E". Haha. If I have a daughter I hope she'll be an Anne with an "E" though the likelyhood of red hair is somewhat slim. Lefthandedness is almost guaranteed though. Does that count?
    I didn't know Dotty was your teacher! Funny how those first project memories take us back. My first active involvment in a quilt was a baby quilt for my cousin. It was supposed to be a weekend quilt and I couldnt understand why it took so much loooonger!!!

  3. Very cute fabric, especially for pillowcases! I think it's funny to hear people out there think it's chilly at 60 degrees. Right now, it is 2 degrees here, not including the wind chill! What is the point of that? Bundle up, my friend!

  4. You are so sweet! I have been glad to share what I know about photography. I just wish we lived closer so we could take pictures in person together. That selvedge is adorable!

    I love that 2D zoo fabric for Christmas. SO cute!

    We have snow today here in the south and it is bitterly cold, so it's definitely feeling like Christmas!

  5. Gah, I really need to get myself some of the "Red Hair Anne" prints! I haven't blogged about this in awhile (but will soon) but I collect Lucy Maud Montgomery books and have read everyone at least 20 times. I know it's weird to say, but LMM really had a hand in shaping the person I am today!

  6. yes! i am living in a VERY COLD snowglobe. :)

    i love the red haired anne selvage. you are too much! in the best possible way.

  7. I agree that yuletide is one of the very cutest this year! Cute pillowcases =)

  8. Cutest Christmas fabric ever! Those are adorable pillowcases. You find the best selvages and I'm sure you'll find a red-haired Anne sometime soon...


  9. Beautiful cheerful Christmas pillows cases, wish I could sow!!


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