Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I am not a mathlete

You know what I mean, right?  A person who excels in math. Yeah. I'm not one of those.

This conversation occurred at the quilting retreat last weekend in Minnesota regarding my Snow Angels quilt:
Amanda Jean/ Terri: How big are you making that quilt?

Me:  9x9.

AJ/T (sounding uber impressed): Wow, really? You're making 81 of those blocks?

(Off on a tangent: see that cute little Funky/Flirty/Fabulous lady block to the side of Snow Angels? I think they liked each other. Amanda Jean made it--you can see it better here.)
Me (sounding quizzical): Huh? No, I'm making 9!

AJ/T: You just said you were making it 9 x 9. That's 81 blocks.

Me (thinking "duh"): Oh...I meant 3x3.

See what I mean? Apparently even basic multiplication is beyond my level of math expertise.

I would like to say that that was the end of my math problems regarding Snow Angels. However...

To make the maximum use of my pieced-together jellyroll strips, I decided to add a piano keys border. I didn't have enough to go around the entire quilt. I figured I had enough  for a 6 inch border on two sides. Nope not enough. So I sliced it in half and sewed strips together. Way too many strips. First was too wide and too short, then it was too narrow and too long. Maybe it's just this quilt in general...I'm determined to figure it out so I can post something for WIP Wednesday. Bet you can hardly wait...
It's true. I'm not a mathlete.

And in case you were wondering--I'm not an athlete either. Bummer.


  1. I can totally relate!! That is not me either... in both cases. But I do love your block!

  2. Not my strong point either ~ trial and error seems to work best for me.

    Love the quilt!

  3. Sometimes I think the maths is the only bit I'm good at. Concentration is my problem. I spend a lot of time unpicking because I've sewed the wrong 2 bits together!

  4. That's funny! My husband has a PhD in math and I think it makes me kind of lazy because when I need to know something, I just go ask him and he tells me what I need to know or how to do what it is I need to do.

    The snow angels quilt is SO pretty!

  5. math is not my strong suit either...good thing I married an engineer. Love how your quilt is coming out. I can't wait to see the boarder.

  6. I was smiling at this because I do the same thing! I cannot seem to live without measurements done for me in my case!

  7. That is the best new word I've heard in a long time! Good thing we had Amanda Jean, the champion mathlete, there to set us straight! I love your quilt - so adorable. Those blocks are such a great way to show off these fun fabrics.

  8. Sooo... we now have another thing NOT in common. ;) Maybe mathletes make good bag ladies?

  9. You crack me up, because you nail it all the time. Most of us can do the math we need to do to get the quilt done, but can't explain it to anyone else! I think you did fine.

    Piano keys borders can be tricky for just the reasons you outlined. Looking forward to your WIP.

    Elizabeth E.

  10. You are too funny, Cindy!! I love how this quilt is turning out, even if your math was a smidgen fuzzy :) I mean, there's a reason why we aren't engineers, right? ;)

  11. You ARE funny though, and make very pretty quilts!

  12. Not being a mathlete or married to one I have embraced the use of graph paper and I draw everything out. I make myself draw everything 3 ways for the design exercise and I like that but mostly the grid helps me do math better.

  13. That is too funny. I would totally have said the same thing. I sort of remember that conversation going on. When you said 9x9, I thought you meant 9" by 9"....one block. Haha! I just love this quilt, and I can totally relate on the border problem. Maybe you can piece them into the back for some nice stripes in the back.

    I looked at what I have in my stash...I have a jelly roll of the pips AND two charm square packs. I might have to copy you on this one, because I like it so much. Okay? :-)

  14. Oh, Cindy! How can I miss you so much already when I really just met you a week and a half ago?!?!

    You may not be a mathlete (love that term!!!) but you sew a mean curved seam!!! Your pips quilt is amazing! I love the placement of the little people. Nice planning!

  15. hehe, that made me smile. I LOVE your snow angels quilt and it's adorable in Aneela's fabric!!!! Gorgeous piecing.

  16. My husband is excellent at math also what is it with men and math? But I am relatively horrible at it!! But I am in love with your snow angel quilt!!


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