Saturday, May 16, 2015

Blogger's Quilt Festival, Spring 2015: Under the Big Top

If you are here via Blogger's Quilt Festival, welcome. This twice-a-year overload of quilting inspiration is wonderful, don't you think?

This is "Under the Big Top," named because a couple of the blocks reminded me of those big striped circus tents. You can read more about the construction here.
It was made with a line of Kona called Dimensions, which has a wonderful honeycomb/hexie texture.

By pure chance, I saw a fabulous yellow Studebaker pickup in a parking lot, the very same color as the yellow block in the lower left corner. I was completely smitten so I left my card in the window, hoping that the owner would contact me and let me take a few photos.

The pickup turned out to be owned by a wonderful man who is a retired local bakery owner.  He met me at the park this week--and had already driven around and located the perfect location. So please indulge me as this might seem more like a photo album of this luscious "citrus yellow" pickup!

Quilt stats:

Name: Under the Big Top
Category: Large Quilts
Pattern: Curve It Up Sampler by Sew Kind of Wonderful
Size: 55" x 72"
Fabric: Kona Dimensions fat quarter stack and Kona black cotton
Quilted by: Karlee Porter

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the rest of the show.


  1. Your quilt and the truck are lovely, and they sure look good together.

  2. What a beautiful quilt. The colors are so vibrant and it looks great with the truck. Congrats.

  3. What a great idea for a beautiful quilt! I love your design, wonderful fabrics and great quilting :)
    Greetings from Poland

  4. Serendipity with that truck! Great pictures. I went to the Yolo County Quilt Show today and with this and the others I saw , I'm color-smacked!

  5. What great photos. And what a kind man to let you use his truck as a prop. The quilt looks great on it. You know I love colour too, so naturally I love this quilt.

  6. The yellow truck pics are wonderful! I love that story. Beautiful quilt!1

  7. Another striking quilt Cindy - made even better with the fabulous photos with the Studebaker! Wish I was so creative as to pursue such a great photo!

  8. What a super fun photo shoot. Your quilt is fabulous, and the yellow truck is perfect!

  9. Well this quilt is definitely a head turner! I love the bright colors. Your pictures on the yellow truck are amazing.

  10. Perfect name for such a colorful happy quilt. I really like the story about the car. You got some great photos with car and quilt together.

  11. FABULOUS! I always see these quilters with these terrific glamour shots, but I think yours take the truck. . . er, cake! The quilt is perfect on that yellow surface--so amazing.

  12. Awesome photos and a great quilt! Very well done :o) You get my vote!!!


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