Thursday, March 22, 2018

March Madness 2018: Peach Blossom Festival

For the third year in a row, I have been part of the Mad for Solids Competition, sponsored by Paintbrush Studios. Quilters create their own stack of colors, give them a name, describe their inspiration, and then, just like the basketball competition of the same name, go up against each other, hoping to reach the championship bracket.

During this time of the year here in the central valley of California, we are surrounded by acres of orchards in full bloom--almonds, plums, apricots, peaches and nectarines, apples and citrus--with colors ranging from white to deep pink. It's really stunning. There is an official "Blossom Trail," along with trail runs, bike rides, bus trips (along with wine tasting), an official poster--it's a big deal.
This was my inspiration as I chose the colors for my bundle--the soft sweet colors of the blooms signaling yummy fruit to follow.

My bundle is aptly named Peach Blossom Festival.
If you have never worked with the Painters Palette solids by Paintbrush Studios, I highly recommend them. They come in a wide array of colors and have a beautiful hand.

You can find more information (as well as vote) at the following places:

The Paintbrush Studios blog, where you can see all 16 bundles and read about the inspiration behind them, Paintbrush Studios on Instagram, as well as Facebook.

You will also have a chance to win free fabric by voting. Paintbrush Studios will randomly select four voters from the championship game to win fat quarter bundles of the winning palette.

Today my bundle is up for vote, against another formidible contender, Simone Bradford. You only have one day to get your vote in (you can vote at all three places--the blog, instagram and facebook) and then another round will take its place.
The names of the fabrics are (from top to bottom):
121-047, shell pink
121-018, petal
121-069, carnation
121-94, coral
121-044, peach
121-117, salmon
121-118, verbena
121,119, blush

Have fun and vote. Maybe you will see me in the next round!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Really Random Thursday, 3/1/18

There was no Really Random Thursday last week because I was at QuiltCon in Pasadena. Not to worry--there were will be two posts devoted just to the quilt show.

Mark and I have a Valentine's tradition.
Several years ago we started going to Big Mama's in Selma, a nearby town.
The first year, Mark had purchased a little jar candle to add some ambience. We bring it along every year. We order our burgers, fries and drink--the two of us eat for under $15! There is no indoor seating, and to this point sitting outside has not been a problem. This year it was cold and windy. But still fun. Just proves you don't have to spend a lot of money to have a romantic, special dinner on Valentine's.
Random picture found on my phone.
Christa delivered most of the sermon in church on February 18. She did an amazing job. She is a very gifted speaker.
So Gabe's 6th birthday was in October. After his 5th birthday, Mark and I took him to Chuck E. Cheese. It was a weekday afternoon and we were nearly the only ones there. It was a lot of fun. So he wanted a repeat. Here it is, the end of February, and we finally got it scheduled. We picked him up after school on Monday and off we went. Again, we were nearly the only ones there. While they used to give you tokens, you now buy a pass that gives you unlimited game access based on minutes. We bought 120 minutes and divided them on three separate cards. The three of us could play unlimited games on each 40-minute card. Great system! We ended up using only two of the cards so, yay, we can go back. :)

Time for a snack.

Sometimes, when he's not looking, I just stare at him because he's so cute.
Today I'm off to my annual quilting retreat at Bass Lake. Lots of snow. I should have some pretty pictures to show you next week.

And Mark texted this to me. I have no clue why. Oh well...

Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday Finish: Alice's Swedish Ex (Part 2) and a Little Real Love

Alice's Swedish Ex likes the water. First she had a photo shoot at Huntington Lake, and this past weekend she went to the coast. Her "siblings" have already been there, so it was only fitting.

It was a little too sunny. So we came back later.
 My Swedish Ex was the first to be photographed here.
Next was My Bohemian Ex.
And finally, Alice's Swedish Ex.
Like any quilt mother, I can't choose a favorite.

And then sometimes it's really more about catching that perfect breaking wave in the background. Which always breaks immediately after you have given up...
 Look how clear the water is!
 You remember this sweet little note?
It had to be preserved, so I enlarged it, embroidered it and turned it into this pillow. I think Gabe's clever design needs to be copyrighted.

I'm linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts, Confessions of a Fabric Addict and TGIFF.TGIFF Happy weekend, everyone.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Really Random Thursday, 2/8/18

Mark and I went to Carmel, one of our favorite spots on the California coast. Last year, we chose Super Bowl weekend. It turned out to be a great time as the town was basically deserted. So we decided to do that again this year. It will all change this weekend, as the Pebble Beach golf tournament is in town.

We stayed at a charming hotel (because they were running a "stay two nights, get one night free" special). It had a European feel to it. This was the view from our room. There were appetizers and wine in the afternoon, and a very nice breakfast each morning.

Why are the W and E upside down?
Before the game on Sunday, we wandered around town. There is a very nice little park, and newlyweds had the tripod set up and were staging their own pictures.

Each day we had a meal at our favorite restaurant, A.W. Shucks. We always sit at the little bar, and now the cooks know us. Shucking those oysters is no easy job.
Something neither of us would ever try--the oyster shooter. Tequila, cocktail sauce, horseradish, oyster and salsa. Nope...
On Monday, we drove to Pacific Grove and I took some pictures of a quilt, "Alice's Swedish Ex." Come back tomorrow for lots more pictures. For once, Mark didn't have to hold up the quilt. So he took pictures of me instead.

Tuesday morning, we had coffee at our favorite local coffee house. Perfect blue sky.
And a funny mug.
We stopped for lunch on the way home. It was perfect weather for eating outside, especially with this view of the hills.
While we were gone, we had a tree in our backyard removed. The grandkids will miss climbing on that one. So the backyard went from this... this. But we will undoubtedly have better luck growing things now that there will be more sun.
A random cute picture.
And a random funny sign.