Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Profusion of Color

On the fourth Saturday and Sunday of September, a most amazing event is held here. Quilting in the Garden was started eleven years ago by Alex Anderson . Alden Lane Nursery is such a spectacular place that even if you don't like gardening and really have no interest in quilting, you would probably just enjoy being here. There are gigantic oak trees dating back over 300 years, and early on both mornings volunteers come and hang quilts from tree to tree. Everywhere you look, this is what you see:

And I have no doubt this would make someone REALLY happy:

And this would too.

And who wouldn't love these?

Around the Block Designs had a booth again this year. Last year we got rained out, even though that meant people were ready to shop since there were no quilts to seen among the trees. This year we had beautiful weather and met lots of great people.

Check out the action on this video (with appearances by Around the Block Designs toward the beginning and again at the end--obviously professional actors were not used in the making of this video).

So if you are ever in the Bay Area around the end of September and are looking for a jolt of color, check out Quilting in the Garden. You won't be sorry.