Friday, November 7, 2008

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Enough about truck break-ins and out-of-sync time. Back to the reason for writing in the first place: COLOR.

I got a brochure from here yesterday. The first thing I noticed was the addition of more absolutely stunning photographs. Mark and I are huge fans of photography. That is mostly what we have on the walls in our home. From Scanlan, we have this one, called "pail yellow," taken in Ireland:

and this one, called "three pear," taken in Italy.

When I saw them, they just had to go home with me.
In order to be as economical as possible on such a splurge, we purchased the smallest size, 8x10, and then bought white frames and oversized white mats to make them each a more substantial size, and I framed them myself.
Well, that was quite a few years ago and, whew, have their prices gone up. But even so, two more pictures are on my dream list: "pedals & petals," taken in Italy,

but most especially this one, "a wave of color," taken in Ireland.

Would I ever love to live upstairs on this street.
While their pictures used to be primarily in Europe, they have added some stunning pictures from the United States. Having lived in the Midwest, this one really caught my eye:

So if you feel like doing some sightseeing but your pocketbook says "no way," check out the Scanlan's website and do some colorful dreaming. You'll be glad you stopped by.


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Anonymous said... #

Wow! Love the colors!!! I'd love to live ACROSS the street from the housing in 'Wave of Color' in Ireland. I'd rather look at it every day than live in it.

Susan said... #

Scanlan must have a lot of fun naming their photos..."Pail Yellow?" I had to go back and look for the pail. Reminds me of someone else who gets a kick out of naming things.