Thursday, December 18, 2008

How COOL is this?

My good friends know that I have become addicted to blog reading. If I had time to spare, I could spend hours reading blogs. You find a favorite and read it, that writer lists his or her favorite blogs, you click on one, or two, or many, and each of them list favorite blogs, and before you know it, you have been reading blogs for a really long time (not that I ever do that....)

Reading one of my all-time favorites, How About Orange, has led me to her mother's blog. Now two of the coolest things about this blog author are that she is from southern Minnesota (pretty close to where Mark grew up) and we are becoming email friends, with the very likely possibility that we will meet in person next summer!

But what are the chances that you will ever actually have a post dedicated to you?

I have been telling her how much Mark misses Minnesota winters this year. Well, every year, actually. She takes gorgeous pictures and yesterday she posted this. COOL, huh?


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Grandma G said... #

Payback time, huh? LOL Thanks, Cindy! You brightened my day... after hearing about our next Blizzard Watch, which sounds totally depressing, I needed that.

COOL is not the operative word here... it's COLD!!!

(Still avoiding the sewing, huh? I understand... I work better under pressure at the last minute, too. ;-) )

pve design said... #

What a wonderful world, blogging brings each of us closer! Cold here, snow on the ground and much to be thankful for.
happy holidays!