Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Show me the money

I did it. Five quarters a year for ten years. I can't believe it's been TEN years. That means that when I started this little project, I was in my mid-40s....but let's not dwell on that little fact. One of my friends collected two sets of quarters--one from each mint. Me? I never even thought of collecting two sets, and I was just happy to get the quarters for one set! So now that I have them all, I actually spent a little time looking at them.

My least favorite? Sorry to anyone from Connecticut, but I'm convinced they minted more of that quarter than any others. I got really tired of that tree they put on it.

My favorite might be Texas, just the outline of the state and a big Lone Star with a cool lariat design as a border. Simple and straightforward. If you want to check out other potential design contenders, this is a cool site.

Um...I just scrolled down to the bottom of that website. I'm NOT done. Nope, they are issuing quarters from the District of Columbia and the United States territories in 2009. Six more to go....


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Tanya said... #

Yay Cindy! I can't believe it's been that long since they started the new state quarters...I am impressed that you have collected all of them.

Anonymous said... #

Well, congratulations! Ten years ago. I was a young 71. I may need to borrow a few quarters, if you have any extras.

Karen Meyers said... #

My Mom has slowly but surely collected all the quarters for her 7 grandchildren. She never gave up! and many times we were in a check out line and she just had to check and see which ones she got....