Monday, January 12, 2009

And they're off!

Isn't that what they say in horse racing? Oh, well. Doesn't matter. This isn't about horse racing anyway. But I did have a race of sorts, a race against a deadline. Which I actually missed. It was today. I designed my second quilt pattern for potential publication. And if you are surprised to hear that it's my second pattern, that's because I hardly mentioned the first one to many people. I'll have to write something about the process, because they aren't kidding when they say "it's not what you know--it's who you know."

Anyway, I made two quilts and they were to be at the technical writer's house in Walnut Creek (Bay Area) today, along with my version of instructions. Whew. That's why there are people paid to be technical writers. And that's why I was late getting it in the mail. It was easy making the quilts, hard writing the instructions and illustrations on how to get it done.
If you are a quilter, it uses "charm squares" and "jelly rolls." If you are not a quilter, you probably don't care what you need to make it, but all it means is that you are using some precut pieces of fabric to speed things up. My friend Sue came up with the name, Jammin' Jelly, which I thought was perfect because you can make it super quick (the "jammin" part) and use "jelly rolls" (self-explanatory, I guess). So here's hoping that the technical writer and the publisher give the go-ahead that takes me to the finish line.


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Grandma G said... #

I can't imagine designing a quilt pattern! Nice job! I especially like the pastel one. I'm not a quilter (maybe someday), so I don't know many of the terms. But I do like the catchy name. :-)

Wish I could click on them to see them bigger, but for some reason it doesn't work.

JHNickodemus said... #

Man Cindy! While the green one is definately not my colors, I LOVE it! It has a pop! For some reason I just tonight noticed how it sort of fades and pops from the pinks to the teals and oranges! Yay!

Tanya said... #

Oh WOW!!! Cindy I love it--especially the green one on top. I love how it seems so subtly striped diagonally (if that makes any sense). I could totally see one of these showing up on my project list! here's good thoughts being sent to the technical write and great wisdom being sent to the publishers who would be stupid NOT to publish the great quilt :-)

Anonymous said... #

OK, I like the one on top, the way the colors work. But I really like the feet at the bottom of the pastel one. They look like such friendly feet! Do they match the fun fingers at the top of the bright quilt? I especially like the cuffs on the feet at the right. Can you get paid to be a professional quilt holder?

Anonymous said... #

Wow! I haven't read your blog for quite a while. So here I am scoling down, and see your quilts. Great work! If the publishers don't like them, they should have their heads examined.