Wednesday, January 14, 2009

That reminds me...

I was reading How About Orange and Jessica had a post about turning paint chips into bookmarks. Such a great idea. I love paint chips. I love reading all the names on the paint chips. I used to think that would be the best job in the world--giving names to paint colors. Until my friend, Maggie, pointed to some random color and said, "Okay, what name would you give to that color." Ummmm, beats me.

Anyhoo...that reminded me of a piece of "art" I have on my sewing room wall which was el-cheapo but still looks pretty "arty." Paint chips, little foam "risers" under some of the paint chips to give them a 3-D look, an inexpensive frame. Voila! Artwork--custom made in exactly your favorite colors. Although on second look, hardly any of these would qualify as my favorite colors anymore. I think I need new paint chips.

Oh, and sorry for the crummy photography. Tried different angles...still got reflections. Ugh.


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The Luedtke Family said... #

Naming paing chips and naming streets. Aaah, a dream job. "Would you live on ____ Street/Ave/Blvd/Parkway?" is always a favorite pastime!

Tanya said... #

definitely time for a paint chip update--there isn't a single orange chip on there...some sort of orangish ones, but no true orange!

Anonymous said... #

Hey you guys! Didn't catch on that you had blogsite! We're getting ready to up-date our's. I always read Jessica's. It's so funny! Pray you are doing well! Janice