Thursday, February 5, 2009

Looky here!

So I was at Borders the other day, drinking coffee, paging through magazines that I did not purchase. (I know, sue me. Magazines are folding and dropping like flies lately, but I'm still not going to take complete responsibility for their demise.) Anyway, I was browsing through Quilter's Home and there was a photo tour of Alex Anderson's home. Having taken some pictures of her studio myself last year, I was quite interested in these pictures.

To backtrack, a couple of years ago when Mark and I came up with the idea of combining our chosen mediums, his in glass and mine in quilting, and when we finally figured out how to do it, we started making Glassy Quilts. Alex was one of the first recipients and since she was still the host of Simply Quilts on HGTV we made a one-of-a-kind for her and the little quilt block said "Simply Quilt." We thought if I embroidered "Simply Quilts" we might be running into some copyright infringement issues (ha! like HGTV would even notice us in the first place....) so we left the "s" off, hoping it would kind of sound like a suggestion. You know, like if you're stressed out....simply quilt.

When I took my pictures in her studio last year, Mark and I were pretty jazzed to see it there on one of her countertops. As I was looking at the magazine spread, which I'm sure was probably "staged" by prop people or photography assistants or somebody, there it was, on the counter, in the photograph, in the magazine! Woo-hoo!!!

Here are two views of her studio from the magazine. In the bottom picture, on the counter to the right is our Glassy Quilt. Still hard to see?

Here's the close-up.

Hooray for magazines still being published. Oh, and yes, I did buy a couple copies...


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Anonymous said... #

Your piece of art is clearly the star of the studio. How fun to see your creations in yet another magazine!!

Grandma G said... #

It's much more attractive than that... um... "chicken"?... next to it! ;-)

Very nice, indeed! Way to go!

Tanya said... #

So Cool! Now if only they have one of those things like in fashion magazines where they give the rundown of where she got all of her things..."And that ugly red chicken was puchased at Sur La Tab for $45, next to it is a lovely piece of one of a kind fused glass art work created in the design studio of Mark and Cindy Wiens, a husband and wife team who practice their creative genius in Fresno California...." and it would go on, but as soon as people knew where they could acquire one of those lovelies, they would stop reading!