Monday, March 2, 2009

How can you look so beautiful, and smell so awful??

Dear Flowering Pear:

Every year I look forward to the time when you decide it's time to put on your spring party dress and dazzle everyone in town. Your designer's taste is impeccable--classic, white, lacy, voluptuous, absolutely exquisite. And when you decide to get together and party with your fellow flowering pears, I have to say, well, you are absolutely breathtaking. Which brings me to my point...

...and this is really hard for me to bring up as it is rather personal, but you smell, do I put this delicately? Okay, I'll just come right out and say it. You smell awful. Maybe no one's actually brought this to your attention before, but you smell, um, like fish.

It just seems like such a fashion faux pas. Maybe you could get some suggestions from ever-so-sweet-smelling cherry blossom. She'll never be quite as dazzling as you, but she sure smells good.

Your adoring fan (but from a distance....)


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Katie said... #

I loves these trees too, and wanted to figure out a way to put one in our yard, but then I came to your same conclusion...they stink. Consider them struck from my potential plantings list...

JHNickodemus said... #

Jennifer O and I call them the stink trees!

Melissa said... #

There are a string of these trees on the side street of our house and when the wind picks up we get their wafting smell..stinky trees :(

Tanya said... #

Oh Man!! I hate these things! their blooms are gorgeous, their scent? not so much!

Freckles Chick said... #

Agreed! It's like discovering a beautiful celebrity has horrible body oder. I'm just sayin' =)

Susan said... #

Not only do they stink, but they are NOT fruitless! All that non-fruit falls on the sidewalk and makes yucky mush that gets caught in the tread of your sneakers! So why did the City of Fresno think they were such a great idea???