Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Heart This

I was looking through old magazines, getting ready to throw them in the recycling bin, in my continuing effort to clean up my space and simplify my surroundings. I came across this picture and forgot how much has gone up $250 in the last year! Don't they know we're in a recession? And ironically, the name of the company is In my opinion, they would generate more business if they lowered the price. Just a thought...


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JHNickodemus said... #


k said... #

I second the trippy comment. I just spent about two minutes staring at the legs trying to figure out how it balances. Good thing I don't have one in my home. I'd never be able to peel my eyes away from it.

Oh! And who raises a price by $250? Crikey.

The Luedtke Family said... #

Does it really rock? Have you had the luxury of taking it for a test sit??? Luv chairs. Here is our dream chair.

Eric introduced me to the Eames Chair long ago. I was a skeptic, until I sat into it and discovered it is a cozy and perfect fit. I call it the potato chip chair. Aahhh, someday ...

Dream away Cindy, someday you may have your decapod chair or crab/shrimp/lobster chair!

What animal has 10 legs?

The Luedtke Family said... #

Wow! It has 8 legs. It's a people chair.


Christina said... #

wow! i've never seen anything like this. i agree with jhrme, "trippy."

Susan said... #

That chair is so you. If you need to make room for it, I have dibs on the not orange sewing stand. I figure if Tanya got the rocking chair (which could easily be replaced by this spider chair) then I get the stand (not orange). BTW You have way too much time on your hands!!!