Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sew Excited

Tomorrow morning I head off for a weekend that has all the ingredients to guarantee a great time: best friends, quilting, gorgeous setting. Every year about this time we head up to Bass Lake for nearly nonstop sewing, Thursday noon to Sunday noon. I know that probably sounds extreme to people who don't find sewing all that exciting, but really, spending all that time with people you love, doing something you all love, is the best. No cooking, no errands to run. Nothing but sewing, chatting, laughing, eating. Ahhh....

There are about 80 quilters in all and some come from quite a distance, so you know it's gotta be fun. A couple of years ago, this was the view from our sewing room. And I hear snow is in the forecast this year as well. Just let me get up there, and then it can snow all it wants to.
So packing has begun. Sewing machine: check. Lots of fabric: check. Iron, light, pins, scissors, rotary cutter, rulers, thread, needles: check, check.......

Mustn't forget my new item for this year: the memory foam chair cushion. And what exactly will it be remembering? Let's not even go there...

And this year, Jessie will be up there with us too. Sew let the fun begin!


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JHNickodemus said... #

LOVE the title! I can't wait!

Grandma G said... #

Sounds like a great time! I'll expect a full report when you get back. Enjoy!!

The Luedtke Family said... #

Have a lovely time!! I sew hope you get snowed in, to really feel like getting away!!! Just keep that snow in CA, I am becoming partial to our brownish grass and leafless trees!

(how ironic is it that my word verification is aidois?!?!)

Adios to you!

Anonymous said... #

Oh Cindy you are sew clever.

Susan said... #

It was sew great - I cant wait to see your post, post event! Had a great time, but no snow!