Monday, March 16, 2009

We've been on a roll

You know how you start with one home improvement project and it turns into another project, which turns into another project. We started about a month when we decided the the ugly acoustical cottage cheese, popcorn, whatever, had to come off the ceilings. Of course that necessitated painting, lots of painting. Ceilings. Lots of rolling. Overhead. We just finished our second weekend of painting ceilings. Okay, here's the thing about painting ceilings. Besides involving a lot of prep work and lots of neck and arm aching, you don't get a lot of instant gratification. Don't get me wrong. Our ceilings look bright and clean. The thing is, I love color, and when you are painting ceilings you are basically painting white on top of.....white.

Okay, the ceilings are done. Mark and I had quite the system going as far as prep work and actual painting, and we turned out to be a good team. We turned the music up really loud, and decided to change to a different musical genre with every room. Man, I forgot how much I loved music from the '80s and '90s.

So in conjunction with the ceilings, I decided several other rooms needed to be painted as well. We kind of have a pact that if I think it needs painting and Mark thinks it already looks just fine the way it is (apparently he has longer "same-old-color" tolerance than I do...), it then becomes my job to change the color. We both agreed the family room needed a new coat of paint. Done. Woodwork hadn't been done in years. Done.
I did my office a couple of weeks ago. Still waiting to finish the details in that room.
So next came the laundry room and the main bathroom.

The thing about laundry rooms and bathrooms: not fun to paint. Lots of doorways, lots of cutting in. Ugh. I did them both today and I am glad they are done.

Time for an unpaid commercial break here: Valspar paint ROCKS! I love that stuff.
*sigh* Color conundrum. Which reminded me that there is really a great wine by that name, and there were moments when I thought I should drink a glass or two, and then just pick a color and go with it...
Thanks to Freckles Chick, I was pretty convinced that Coastal Villa was the color for the laundry room, although I did briefly flirt with Aspen Gray.
Bye-bye, terra cotta. You made me really happy for a lot of years, but you are outta here.

And the bathroom. Hmmm. That kind of watery looking, spa-like aqua color? I tried really hard to convince myself of that. Couldn't do it. So another green room appeared in our house today.
Paperbag brown, I bid you a fond adieu.

So we've definitely been doing a lot of rolling. You'd think we could take a break from projects for a while. But wait a minute, now there are all those window coverings that don't go with the beautiful new walls and ceilings.
Stay tuned....


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Grandma G said... #

Wow! You've been AMBITIOUS!!

I repainted all the walls here (except for the basement) nearly 4 years ago. Valspar paint. Yes!

I feel tired for you. ;-)

Katie said... #

I love home improvement projects! Keep posting pictures. Although I must admit that I'm a little sad to see your old colors go...those are the colors of Monday Night Football for me, now that they're gone that means that we've been gone for awhile We miss you guys!

k said... #

Have to say--we kind of wienie-ed out in our house and hired someone to do the ceilings. Not trying to end up with the scoliosis.

However, love (!!) the pictures!

Toni said... #

Ugh! I hear your pain on the popcorn ceilings. We are trying to tackle those room by room. Why the previous owner decided to add acoustical ceilings in the 80's to a 1950's house, I will never know....

JHNickodemus said... #

Costal Grey is FAB!