Thursday, May 21, 2009

Therapy Color Thursday

This is probably what you are saying to yourself: Hey, isn't it supposed to be called Color Therapy Thursday? (even though it's been a few weeks and you may have forgotten that there even is such a thing as Color Therapy Thursday). But since Sue was diagnosed with multiple myeloma two weeks ago (wow, was it only two weeks ago today? It seems like months ago...), everything seems to be turned around and upside down.

Sue has a great support system and several of us are taking turns keeping her company on chemotherapy days, twice a week for two weeks, and then a week off, and then a few more cycles.

I was with her for Monday's treatment, which takes up a good part of the day. She is in a comfy recliner, one of many in the room, nearly all of them occupied. Cancer does not discriminate. Young, old, male, female, every nationality.

Bag after bag is hung and slowly dripped through her IV: anti-nausea, pain killer, chemo drugs, saline.

Now I'm not saying the Demerol (pain killer) made Sue loopy or anything, but after a while she was feeling pretty good. We made the observation that she was actually quite colorful, with the colorful stretchy bandages on her arms for the IV drip, afghan, all the colors on her paperback. Surely colorful enough for Color Therapy Thursday. And she said, "Too bad we don't have a camera." Seriously? I am always prepared and whipped that camera out of my tote bag so fast and took some pictures.
We noticed that the lady across the aisle had the elastic bandages in Sue's favorite color, a beautiful sky blue. Hmmm...remember to request those the next time.

Even the "good" stuff, the chemo that will kick this multiple myeloma on its butt, was the only colorful bag out of the whole assortment. That has to be a good sign, right?

Love you, Sue. And you are not on this journey alone.


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JHNickodemus said... #

Good pictures! Too bad her new colorful book covers didn't get in the picture! those are great!

k said... #


The Luedtke Family said... #

Brings back a lot of familiar memories. I hope you are doing well!

You are doing fantastic. Also, don't forget to treat the caregivers. That husband and daughters of hers seem fantastic! If you need any pampering, spoiling, or helping out ideas, I can share! They seem very dearly supported and lots of hands are helping. That is such a blessing.

Mrs. Limestone said... #

Best of luck to her and kudos for you for being there. Its hard to know what to do in a time like this and it seems like you are keeping her smiling :)

Janice Porter said... #

What a good friend you are, Cindy! Keep it up. Janice