Thursday, September 24, 2009

Color Therapy Thursday: House of Blues

My friend, Sue, is a warrior. She is fighting one of the toughest battles there is: to become strong and healthy again.

She loves blue. Loves.It.

And here is the proof:

Her friends knew she needed to be surrounded by a shield of love. We have done this before with friends who have battled cancer. In fact, when Sue was helping to finish the last quilt, she said, "I sure hope I'm never the recipient of one of these quilts." Little did she know...

Friendship quilt made by Sue's many friends

Making a quilt for someone you love is about so much more than the fabric you pick and the time you spend. It is about putting your heart into each little stitch that goes into it, and then letting them wrap themselves up in your love. Ready to face their foes, not alone, but surrounded by those ready to fight the battle with them.

The label on the back of the friendship quilt (thanks to Maggie)

"Guest book" quilt made by Dotty Warkentine

Truer words could not be spoken...


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JHNickodemus said... #

That guest book is a lot more full now! Our house of Blues couldnt be happier when filled with great friends!