Saturday, September 26, 2009

Quilts that sizzle

I think a while back I made a quilt from a book called "Quilts that Sizzle." Maybe I didn't actually make it. Maybe I just have the book in my quilting library. Maybe I'm just making it up. Maybe I'm suffering from heat stroke.

Yeah, so was really nice when we got to Alden Lane this morning. It was really nice until about 11:30. Then the heat smacked us. Hard. But people were still nice and friendly. We had a nice day of sales.

We took a picture of our special friends, who drove all the way from Fresno to see us quilts.

Jennifer, Jessica, Rachel and Bethany even made some blocks, learning fusible applique

And they took a picture of us. And don't be fooled by the shady look of our booth...

I meant to dazzle you with pictures of the quilts hanging from the trees. I had energy to take a picture of the quilts in the line of vision from our booth. You gotta love looking at the backs of quilts all day. But they have to take all the quilts down and rehang them tomorrrow morning, so maybe tomorrow we'll get to look at the fronts. Here's hoping.
And right now.....we're sitting in our hotel room with the temp set at a chilly 72 degrees.