Saturday, September 19, 2009

Safari So Good

Our incredibly cute granddaughter, Charlotte, turned 3 today. And she celebrated with a jungle-themed party at the zoo. Lots of yummy food

Safari hats for keeping the hot sun off your head and binoculars for siting all the animals. A cooler day would have been nice, but the weather wanted to play along too, so we had a jungle-like hot and steamy day.Presents...

And more cake than someone knew what to do with.

And then off to the animals (this sign just sizzles).
Hey, check this out...
And I even got a picture of these four, looking surprisingly similar to flamingoes.

Every time we asked Charlotte what she wanted for her birthday, she always said, "chocolate and a yoyo." So a bag full of chocolate kisses and Grandpa's blue yoyo, and then we continued with an art theme. Colored pencils that smelled like root beer, bubble gum, oranges. A great little crayon wallet, complete with crayons and a pad of paper that I got from Sew Fantastic, and an artist's apron that I made from Anna Maria Horner's most wonderful oilcloth. (If you can find some of this fabric, grab it!)
(Side note: In keeping with the whole jungle theme, tonight I sewed bindings on two quilts: a quilt for Levi made from lots of jungle animal prints, and a bright floral quilt where I used black and white zebra print called "party animal," which would have also been a good post title, now that I think about it...)
Happy Birthday, Charlotte. You're getting so big, and we love you so much.