Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Recap...and the winner is...

After Charlotte's birthday party on Saturday (and excuse me while I post this picture again, which I love, even though her Grandpa says, "You can't even see all of her her face..." I love it and I think she looks very chic)...

As I was saying, after Charlotte's party, we left for the coast (Carmel, to be exact) to see our very good friends from Calgary, Russ and Ingrid, who always stay in Carmel for a week in September. And as usual, Ingrid and I went shopping at Back Porch Fabrics in Pacific Grove.
We got to see the finished results of a beautifully remodeled second home for one of the major homebuilders in Fresno, where Mark was responsible for all the cabinets, in the kitchen and thoughout the rest of the house. This was especially interesting to Russ as well, since he is in the same line of work in Calgary. Last year when they were here, the house was completely down to the studs, so this was quite a change. (Could I please move into this house? I'll take excellent care of it, I promise...)
We walked around town, ate a lot of good food, took our annual photo...

Mark and I watched the waves for a while before heading home...

And as soon as we got home, picked the winner of Playin' the Name Game (drum roll...), Number 7: Happy Cottage Quilter. Even though this was totally random, and you didn't even have to make any suggestions to be eligible, she had some great names. So thanks to all of you who commented. We'll be doing this again the next time I get stumped for a good name.


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allisa jacobs said... #

Looks like a lovely trop! I love Pacific of my favorite places. Bummed I missed the giveaway, I'll have to further distract myself from working & read more blogs ;)

beth said... #
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beth said... #

i'll try again...without any errors..:) Just found your blog and enjoyed reading back porch fabrics and sure sorry I missed a chance at that give away you had!

Maggie said... #

Charlotte looks very Princess Diana-ish in this picture, very elegant.

The cabinets look awesome. Are those cabinets on the stove front?

Congrats to #7, Happy Cottage Quilter. Playing the Name Game was fun.