Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fraternal Twins

Even though we didn't started sewing until after lunch, here is a bit of what we got done.

Tanya finished this really great starry quilt. Love the rich colors.

Soft and beautiful florals, made by Dotty.

Maggie worked on this fun "blast off" quilt all day. I think she is getting closer to finishing. Three, two, one....

Throwing caution to the wind and assuming they probably don't read this blog anyway, I finished piecing this wedding present for Matt and Samantha.

Jessie is working with these gorgeous Amy Butler fabrics. She is getting married in May and I'm thinking the name of the quilt pattern she is using was part of her inspiration: "French Kiss."

Oh, yes, about the fraternal twins... About two years ago Sue decided to make her version of Charm Parade using fabric that was just out in stores at the time. She purchased her border fabric at the same time, from a completely different line of fabric, and made the quilt on the right. This summer while Maggie and I were managing the cabins here, she made her version of Charm Parade, with border fabric she had just recently purchased. They had no idea they had each purchsaed the very same border fabric, so except for the difference in the lattice strips, where Sue used diferent colors and Maggie used purple, these guys are twins, separated at birth...

And this is what awaits me at my sewing station, so I think I'll head on over there right now.


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Grandma G said... #

Wow!! Such beautiful quilts! Looks like you're all being productive besides having fun. :-)

John said... #

Cindy, I LOVE your color choices. Matt & Sam's quilt is amazing, truly amazing...and the red and aqua of my all-time favorites. I'm secretly hoping that I can somehow convince Henry to like those colors too so that I can one day make him a quilt like that (alas, he'll probably only like navy blue & gold like his daddy ;) I'm so glad you post your quilts for all to see. It is so inspiring! Miss you and Mark.

Katie said... #

Obviously that last comment was from me, not John. Oops.

JHNickodemus said... #

Oooh I love my fabric! Haha I'm sure that's not the last time you'll hear that one! Love all the quilts and fantastic color thereapy!

Maggie said... #

GREAT fabrics, awesome colors, inspiring quilts, and lots of fun. It was extra fun to find out about Charm Parade fraternal twins!