Thursday, October 29, 2009

"I did so good I scared myself"

This summer, Christa signed Charlotte and Levi up for swimming classes, the "mommy and me" type.

Since she needed another helper, I got to help with Levi, who turned out to be a little fish.
It took Charlotte a while to become comfortable in the water, but toward the end of the sessions, she was talking to Grandpa on the phone right after one of the classes. He asked her how she had done, and she said, "Grandpa, I did so good I scared myself."

Huh? What was that again?

When kids start talking, they say the most amazing things. Charlotte has already done this many times, and I would give you some examples, but the thing is, I've already forgotten. A friend had a great suggestion (thanks, Tanya). When her 4-year-old says one of those priceless things, she writes it on a piece of paper, dates it and puts it in a jar. Brilliant. Easy.
Oh, and all those fortunes you save when you eat Chinese food, because of course "your ideas are clever and you will be rewarded."
Now I've got that covered too...


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The Luedtke Family said... #

How about a "What did I just say?" I will never forget when we were all out for Sunday brunch I said to Simon, "Simon, you are not making snowballs with you shoes!" Eric gave me the confused eyes and I had to explain that Simon pretended his shoes were mittens and he made snowballs with them. He wore slip on black dress shoes that day. Easy to take off and use for restaurant entertainment.

Leslie said... #

What a great idea! I'm going to a baby shower tonight and wish I had time to get that together, but, alas, I'm still trying to get the baby quilt done!

Christa Wiens said... #

Becky, I've been collecting my list of those for a while now. Maybe I'll post those soon!

Jen @ RamblingRenovators said... #

What a fantastic idea!! I will have to remember to do that once my little one starts talking.

Ethel Edith said... #

What a cute jar idea! I have been writing down my kidisms for sometime. I just read them this morning! It's amazing how quickly you forget their funny sayings! Too cute!