Thursday, October 1, 2009

iLove this app

I was reading my new issue of Sunset Magazine while eating lunch yesterday and came across this little (free) gem. The description had me from the beginning. " love the color of your indigo scarf or eggshell teacups so much that you want to find the paint to match....Color Capture from Benjamin Moore Paints lets you match a snapshot (strawberries at the farmers' market? a friend's mocha shoulder bag?) to one of Benjamin Moore's 3,000 colors." I grabbed my iPhone and downloaded it before I'd even finished my sandwich.

I took a picture of this quilt...

...and then basically you just move your finger around the picture on the screen and stop on a color that you like. On the bottom of the screen it gives you the name of the Benjamin Moore paint that matches. If you love the color, you can save it in "favorites."
It has a color wheel where you just scroll around with your finger and paint chips with their names kind of pop up.
I only wish it would save the pictures in a photo album. Maybe it does and I just haven't found it yet... But if you are color obsessed, and fascinated with names of paint chips like I am, you don't even have to be in the market for paint right now to have a good time with this app.


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JHNickodemus said... #

It is in fact a LOT of fun! Does this mean youre going to painting a lot in the near future?

Maggie said... #

Great app for when you see exactly the color you want..... no more trying to remember what the color looked like 'til you get to the paint store!