Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rainbow Sherbet

For awhile now, I have been a fan of the color orange. Lately, I think it looks even better when combined with pink.

photo from

A peak at some recent fabric purchases. Draw your own conclusions.

I have started a collection of pictures of pink and orange quilts (and to those fabulous quilt artists who made these, I'm really sorry I wasn't better at documenting where these pictures came from--because these quilts rock! )

And then there was the series of fortunate events. Jessie posted about the cute slippers she had made. And I happened to make this comment: "Can I place an order? I would like a combo of pink and orange, please ...Oh, and the trim could be pink on one slipper and orange on the other. That way they wouldn't be too matchy-matchy. You know how I am about being mismatched."

Well, apparently the whole order thing kind of took off, and Jessie is now in the slipper-making business.

And yesterday, look what I got!! Even the buttons are slightly different from each other. Perfectly mismatched.

Thinking about Christmas already? Well, then I would recommend thinking about placing an order at this fabulous little etsy shop.
My feet got an early Christmas present.And now they just want to dance a little jig (and in honor of Jessie, I might even throw in a little squeal).


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wishes, true and kind said... #

Love your colorful blog and today's orange and pink! Those are adorable slippers (she writes as she sits at the computer with cold, bare feet). They would make my feet do a happy dance, too!


Grandma G said... #

Can't wait to see what your fabrics are going to become!

The slippers are very cool (well, probably very 'warm'!), but I'm waiting for those hats to show up in her Etsy shop. You can hint to her for me.... ;-)

West Michigan Quilter said... #

I am so with you. I've been collecting orange and pink fabrics for a while now. I just love those colors together. Can't wait to see what you do with your fabrics. Those slippers are way too cool too!

The Luedtke Family said... #

So dreamsicle-licious!

I just picked up some yarn today to use on the Mary Jane slippers that Jessie highlighted. I can't wait to see how they turn out.

I thought about making a purchase, but became excited about crocheting something for ME! That never happens! (Until now)

monica said... #

so so sweet!!!

k said... #

I LOVE pink and orange together.

allisa jacobs said... #

I love pink & orange...those slippers are so lovely! I would so look forward to putting those on each morning :) (or afternoon, or evening....)

Look forward to seeing what you create with those gorgeous fabrics!

p.s. thanks for your msg on my photography post!

Little Spouse in the Old House said... #

Okay, I know I'm always asking you about patterns. What is the pattern in the second picture? The one like a log cabin. I'm jealous, you already have your slippers! Janice