Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We got carded

This is what happens in the age of technology when you own a business. First you start out with an email address and that seems like sufficient information for your business cards. So you order 1000. add a website, a blog, an etsy shop...necessary information overload. So you print labels with all that info and put it on the back of your cards...and hope people turn your card over. Right. finally decide to just bite the bullet and order new cards. Somehow I landed here and ended up at zazzle, designed my own cards (read that again--yes, I did it myself) and a day later (not kidding!) they arrived on my doorstep.

Oh, and the fabulous little card case? Mine was a gift, but you can find them here.
Uh oh. Now I'm on Facebook and Twitter. Where will I possibly put that information??