Tuesday, November 3, 2009

True Confession Tuesday: You can call me Cynthia

For as long as I can remember, I haven't liked my full name, Cynthia (sorry, Mom and Dad...). Growing up, it always conjured up pictures of a completely obnoxious, hoity-toity society girl with blond hair, someone who thought she was better than anyone else. Where did I get that idea? Books? TV? I don't know. Anyway... I have always preferred to be called Cindy, with a "y" except in seventh grade when I spelled it Cindi.

Then along came the whole security thing, you know, having your legal name on things, like your credit cards, which needed to match the name on your ID, like your driver's license. And I realized we had been filing our tax returns for years with my nonlegal name, Cindy. Although the IRS apparently didn't care about that as long as they got their money on a yearly basis.

Then I noticed that people started calling me Cynthia because that is what it said on my credit cards. And my Borders rewards card, where the barista would say, "Cynthia, we'll call you when your bagel is ready," at which point I usually said, "Yeah, I know that's what it says but please call me Cindy." Whatever. Like they actually cared what they called me.

And then for some unexplained reason, Mark has started calling me Cynthia. Huh? And it's been catching on with a couple of my close friends.

I also noticed that my favorite fabric vendor's name is Cynthia. Cynthia. Not Cindy. "Hmmmmm," I'm thinking to myself, "She likes it and she's young and really cool."

So go ahead. It's okay. You can call me Cynthia. I'm kinda starting to get attached to it.


  1. Hi Cynthia :)

    Love the name, I always prefer the non-abbreviated versions of names. I cringe when people call me Elise (instead of Allisa).
    Anyhow, wanted to let you know I updated my post & gave the link for my garment label info.

    Have a great day!

    p.s. I also love the fabric vendor "cynthia."

  2. Well my daughter's name is Cynthia and I think she feels like you.

    Kept using Cindy and Cindi in high school. Even today I don't think she likes Cynthia. But I bet she hasn't thought about the IRS thing! Huh? Maybe she needs to start using Cynthia again too.


  3. I personally love the name Cynthia! It's unique! It's not my name though so I can't say much! My name is Annie & I hate when people call me Ann - Annie is not a nickname - it is really my name! I hated my name growing up though as well, but now I like it. It's perfectly me :) Cute blog as well!!

  4. I used "Jan" in the seventies. Friends from back then still call me Jan. But when my rebellious years were over I went back to my first name. ( My father lovingly called me Janicimo, and my mom still does!) Names can have fun stories!

  5. Hi Cynthia,

    Glad you are coming around to liking your name. Growing up I disliked my name--Randi--because it is too obscure. Now I like it for that same reason. The only people I ever meet with a matching name are guys. :)

  6. I really like the name Cynthia and really never liked Cyndi,Cindi or Cindy. Cynthia is grown up! :) Btw...I am enjoying your blog! x

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