Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rules for holiday cooking with Grandpa and Grandma

Rule No. 1: You can never use too many sprinkles (especially if it involves your favorite color, pink...)

Rule No. 2: It is important to clean all your cooking utensils when you are done (some ways are better than others...)


  1. cute! (and thanks for the quilt pattern you sent with Jill)

  2. It's good that have rules! And I LOVE your Fridgerator Santa!!!

  3. Too much fun being so festive! I still LOVE Your refrigerator Santa!!

    Our rules for cutting out cookies:
    1. You can never have too much flour so they don't stick to the table.

    2. You can not use the rolling pin enough!

    Luv the rules!

  4. Darling!!!!! I'm glad to know that the kids know the rules so well!

  5. The site of that cookie sheet cracked me up.

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