Monday, December 7, 2009

Some Christmas musical snapshots

In the past week, Mark and I attended several Christmas concerts. Wow, did we hear some widely divergent music genres! The first was Trans-Siberian Orchestra. If you like your Christmas carols loud (L.O.U.D.), with lots of lasers and pyrotechnics, this is the concert for you. We were in a skybox (thanks to a doctor I work for) and the stage was straight ahead.

Yes, that is fire....Can you say "silent night"? Um... "All is calm"? Maybe they were just going with "all is bright."

This part of the concert took place right in front of us, with two violinists, as their stage kept going higher and higher, like a spaceship taking off.
Next we went to TubaChristmas. There are concerts all around the world and it'something we look forward to every year. It's free, it's short, only half an hour, takes place at a local mall, with local musicians (this is only about a third of the tuba players). We also heard a local university bell choir. No pictures, but the music was really great. Playing bells takes a lot of concentration and coordination!

But our musical highlight of the week was definitely the one that included this little singer. She was absolutely adorable and made our hearts sing... with love and pride. (Her mother got much better pictures than I did, along with a little video, so I'll just borrow one of them here.)

Some non-music-related snapshots:

Look at this super-cute hair clippie that Charlotte wore in her hair.
Saturday morning, Charlotte and I went to Borders for a bagel and chocolate milk...and a picture in front of this big Christmas tree.

See those big silver ornaments on the tree? Just begging for a funny face...

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Grandma G said... #

Sounds like you've been doing some great celebrating. I watched the Charlotte video... sooo cute! Hey, her hair's gotten pretty long again. :) Love those curls!

Thanks for sharing!

JHNickodemus said... #

Wow! Great music! I like the funny faces! We got to see some of YOU in the pictures too! Very nice!

Rachel Oberg - De Ma Cuisine said... #

We love Trans-Siberian Orchestra! So fun that you got to go!!