Saturday, January 16, 2010

They can read my mind

I went to Target this morning, to buy a bag of coffee (Seattle's Best Cinnabon--yum) for fortification as I dig in to organize my office and sewing room.

Target has the completely uncanny ability to anticipate items I need to purchase but just haven't realized it yet. The people who stock the shelves at Target kindly put them on the shelving end-caps so I will walk by them and then realize, hey, that is exactly what I need!

Case in point: How did Target know that I needed some cool-looking file boxes? And how did they know that this shade of green would be perfect?
Do they have spies that saw the stack of tutorials and patterns I have been printing out incessantly in the last couple of weeks?
And a few aisles further, they set out these oh-so-cute plastic plates and cups that Charlotte and Levi will enjoy. A pink glittery heart plate? Really? Even I would like eating my sandwich off that one.
I know. It's spooky....because all I thought I needed was coffee...


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Grandma G said... #

Ha! I love it! :-)

Halfway Crafter said... #

That's funny, they read my mind too!

CitricSugar said... #

Target pays psychics. They also peek in your windows. That's how they match paint colours, etc.... :-)
Neat finds!

Anonymous said... #

Mmmmm. File boxes. Love file boxes.

The Luedtke Family said... #

Target is so calming. All that organization. All those bright lights. And large carts. And dollar section. All the colors and new smells and oh, the possibilities! Rarely do I get to Target these days.

Not anymore as we found Aldi and Caputos! Groceries and supplies cost us lots less! Plus lately they seem to not have a few items on my list. Many times the size/color or other precise aspect I need is not available.

Oh, I do miss venturing down each aisle in Target!!!

Anonymous said... #

Liked the 3460 posts. Maybe Target execs took a page out of God's book; "divine" what people need then let them have it (for a nominal price. Or maybe it's simpler: give people something to be thankful for (again, for a nominal price). However, this sounds suspiciously like impulse buying to me. Not that I would know what that looks like. bg

Kate said... #

Great to see you're dabbling in quilt design. How did you go with getting one of my patterns? If you do get one I'd love to see what you do with it. Let me know when you post about it.

Unknown said... #

oh yes, I can see how that can happen...