Thursday, March 11, 2010

The future of quilting

I have been dreaming of having a granddaughter who would share my love of quilting. Even before she was born, I purchased a Featherweight, hoping eventually I would be teaching little hands how to make a simple quilt.

I'm seeing glimmers of my dream coming true. We were at the quilt store the other day. She was in the play area with her little brother. I found some really cute fabric..

Since I'm having such a good time making fun pillowcases for both Charlotte and Levi, I took it over to her and said, "Charlotte, do you think this would make a good pillowcase?" She replied, "Yes, Grandma, and a really nice quilt, too." Score!

Bonus: Won't this be a great selvage to incorporate into something fun?

And really, who would NOT want to spend time sewing with this cutie? (Note to her mommy: No behavioral rules were broken. Each of us decided to make a funny face, and this was her choice. Too bad you can't see mine...)


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Jen said... #

She is so cute! I love that umbrella fabric! I hope my daughters want to quilt when they get older. My 6 year old is already asking when can she sew. She is still a little too easily distracted, so for now I'm waiting a year or so before I get her a machine.

Jessica said... #

My not quite 2 year old loves the fabric store already, and she likes to sit and pretend sew at my machine.

I love the funny face :)

Tanya said... #

Awesome! A future quilter hooked on fabric. I do a similar thing with Tyler. Every time we go to a fabric store or yarn store, I let him pick something out for himself...that way he ALWAYS wants to go to the yarn/fabric store. We've gotten some pretty fun pillowcases out of this tradition.

Jennifer said... #

How cute! My daughter is showing an interest in quilting and crochet and I am absolutely thrilled. Quilting is such a wonderful craft; your granddaughter is blessed to have you to pass this love down to her.

Jennifer :)

CitricSugar said... #

Sweet fabric! Your little pudding pop is even sweeter. :-)
I also love your "disclaimer" about behaviour rules. LOL

Grandma G said... #

I really think you should've handed Charlotte the camera. Turnabout's fair play, y'know!

I definitely see a quilting granddaughter in your future. I mean, how could she not be?

Love the fabrics!

Katie said... #

cutest fabric ever...second only to charlotte!

JHNickodemus said... #

I like the selvedge title! Im with Grandma G. Next time Charlotte should get a "whak" at the camera! ;)

Andrea said... #

oh my gosh, this is the 2nd blog I've read today with that gorgeous fabric. I don't think I've ever loved a print as much. (quilt taffy has it too on todays blog post with a giveaway!) It's so sweet!

It would be so fun to have a quilting buddy in the same house!

Mary Grace McNamara said... #

Darling umbrella fabric! Start 'em young! She'll be quilting circles around you in no time, and what a joy it will be for you to watch!


Anonymous said... #

She's adorable! And so are those fabrics.