Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Round 2

First of all, thanks for all the great feedback and suggestions on my etsy shop naming dilemma yesterday. Here is the update:

After elpf did an etsy search, she found there was already a seller by the name of "Selvedged." That happens to be the British spelling, by the way. But for my purposes of trying to have a unique seller name, it knocked "Selvaged" right out of the ring.

Then my niece, Becky, sent me an email with the suggestion of "Sew Edgy." As soon as I read that name, I knew that was it!!! So I was already writing my blog post in my head when I thought, hmmm, maybe I should do an etsy search on that name. Bah. There's an etsy seller named "Sew Edgy Designs." So that became a non contender as well.

But Becky had another good suggestion.

So in one ring, we have the reigning champion, weighing in at 17 characters,

                                                      Selvaging My Sanity

And new to the fight, in the other corner, we have the new contender, weighing in at 15 characters,

                                                      Sewing on the Edge

I like them both a lot, although maybe questioning my sanity is not good from a business standpoint. On the other hand, sewing actually saves my sanity.

I also like the other name because it incorporates the idea of selvages while at the same time leaving product options wide open.

Same rules as yesterday. The pincushion is still up for grabs. If you commented yesterday, go ahead and comment again today. That way you will have two votes thrown into the ring for the prize.


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Mary Grace McNamara said... #

I'd vote for sewing on the edge, since I still don't think calling your sanity into question is such a great idea. We're all just a bit insane in some way though, aren't we?

allisa jacobs said... #


I like short names (but that's just me!)

"On Edge"
or "On the Edge"
"Cut Edge"

I also like just plain "Edge" - i think it's strong & intriguing

It could be fun to find a word that rhymes with "edge" and put them together...hmmm

I'll keep thinking!

elpf said... #

Who knew! I didn't know it was the British spelling, I just thought it was some alternative that I'd gotten stuck on. I like "Sewing on the Edge". I like the ring of the "On the Edge" part. I still wish it were shorter, but it sounds like all the short names are taken.

k said... #

I vote for Sewing on the Edge as I find the other a bit of a mouthful.

What a bummer that Becky's suggestion was taken--that one felt like a winner.

Julie said... #

I like Sewing on the Edge. I like all the images it conjures up :)

~Laurie~ said... #

OK - I'll change my vote to Sewing on the Edge :)

monaluna said... #

I'm for Sewing on the Edge, too. It's literal, but also hints at sewing in a new and creative way, which is exactly what you're doing with all those selvedges!

Jen said... #

"sewing on the edge" is my vote.

What about "Cutting Edge"? (I don't know how to check if a name is taken, sure that one probably is!)
or "Cuts of Selvages" or "Art of Selvages", "Selvage Art", "Selvage Lovelies", "Goodies from the Selvage Edge"

Grandma G said... #

Or how about "Sew on the Edge"? A little more of a play on words there.

Grandma G said... #

No, wait.... make that "Sew on Edge"!

Needled Mom said... #

I vote for Sewing on the Edge. It doesn't limit you to simply selvage sewing if you want to break out into other things. Darn!!! Those are all such cute names. Too bad they are taken.

Sequana said... #

I vote for Sewing on the Edge. I'm not sure "sanity" is a good word in a store name. *S*

The Luedtke Family said... #

I vote for "Sewing on the Edge". Sewing on the Edge reflects that your sewing is "cutting edge", new and neat. "Sew on Edge" reflects on you, the person. Although I do like it, short, catchy, double meaning. Consider what it means from all perspectives.

Could these work?
So Sew Edgy
Oh Sew Edgy
Edgefully Sewn
On the Side
Side Seams
Selvedge and More

JHNickodemus said... #

Selvadging My Sanity

Monet said... #

I like "Sewing on the Edge!" Very cute.

Kris said... #

sewing on the edge for me!

Gunstones said... #

Okay, I'm canceling out yesterday's vote by saying "Sewing on the Edge" now has my vote. I really like the possibilities this has for future creative development. Selvages may go by the wayside but "Sewing on the Edge" will probably always be part of your style. Cathy Gunstone

Anonymous said... #

Sewing on the Edge incorporates the notion of selvages but also leaves open the idea of other sewn projects.

But if you are looking for short and sweet what about:

Sew On Edge

Andrea said... #

Salvaged edges?
Sew Edgy?

Sewedge? (okay that looks too muchlike sewage...giggling)

I like Sewing on the Edge.

Kristen said... #

I like "Sewing on the Edge". Keep in mind that alot of businesses have a tag line of some sort in which you could incorporate some of your beloved rejects. For example, "Sewing on the Edge: Selveging my sanity, one stitch at a time" or something. I think it's kind of playful to call into question your sanity, it makes you seem more human, and people may relate to you better.

Virginia B. Pemberton said... #

You are just so artistic... i wish i was awake during the time God showered the world with creativity:< sigh

Ver nice work!

Little Spouse in the Old House said... #

Before a read the blogs I thought, shorten it-Sew Edgy and then I saw someone else thought of it. Cool. I'm going to quote my late great Dad "Sup to you Jo". I'm making my own pincushion. Have fun! Janice

Val Miller said... #

Sewing on the Edge is my preference ... but they all seem good!!

jacquie said... #

I'm Sew Selvaged taken? I like the idea of selvage in their somewhere. If not, I like sewing on the edge ok...though Selvaging My Sanity is great!

Terri said... #

Oh I came up with one :My creative edge: Or maybe just on the edge. I like short ones to like allisa

I am collecting selvages for you, I have quite a bit but do you want me to wait until we figure out our trade stuff?