Thursday, April 8, 2010

File It

By "file it," I mean file it in the one marked "What was I thinking??"
Is it just me, or does anyone else think this will be a hard fabric to incorporate into a quilt in a meaningful way? In the picture on my computer monitor, the dots looked so much smaller.

You know how sometimes fabric vendors will put a coin or a ruler  next to the fabric to give you of idea of the scale? Well that would have been helpful.

See what I mean? These dots are HUGE!

Want to know the name of the fabric? It cracked me up. It's called "fish lips." Here's the deal. With my ongoing obsession with selvage edges, enough of an obsession that I'm starting an etsy shop, that would have been a great addition to my collection. However, I just ordered 1/4 yard. And I didn't get the part of the yardage with the name. That would have required at least 1/2 yard. And then I would have had 1/2 yard of "what was I thinking??" instead of just 1/4 yard.

Anyone out there totally in love with this fabric? Let me know. We could make a deal...


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Crystal said... #

It kind of reminds me of Ashley's quilt here:

I'm sure you could do something with it...the big print would look nice juxtaposed against smaller prints in a simple layout like squares or rectangles.

But I'm with you on the "what was I thinking" fabrics. I have a few of those myself...I'm going to give some of them away on my blog because I can't stand to have them in my stash looking at me anymore.

Edith said... #

Yes, I gravitate towards smaller dots (and smaller prints, in general).

ytsmom said... #

It would be good for borders on something I've got going, but 1/4 yd isn't enough. Is that a Kaffe fabric, or Mably? Thanks, Carmen

Letterpress said... #

This was funny--just what I needed after a long day of blah blah blah errands blah blah. Thanks!

I have quite a few of these as well--and many of them came via the internet. The web does increase our ability to get a lot more fabrics, but it also increases our ability to get more What Was I Thinkings too.

Good luck with this!

Jennifer said... #

LOL! I've done the same thing buying fabric online. It's pretty fabric but that is a bummer that you didn't get the right part of the selvage.

Jennifer :)

PS... are you accepting selvage donations?

Unknown said... #

I actually love the fabric & it goes with some other "what was I thinking" fabrics in my stash.

Sorry you had that moment. As for a meaningful way... I can see the pieces going into a hexagon, the tail end of a snails trail, tumble blocks could work, maybe even a stack & whack. It could even be the cent of a log cabin.

Big fan of the bolds.

Anonymous said... #

I think this would make some great bias tape. Of course, you could always 'hide' it as the lining for a purse. ;o)

Joy said... #

LOL... I love the fabric... but I know what you mean. when are you going to open your etsy shop?

Weeks Ringle said... #

Someone brought this exact fabric to a workshop I was teaching on large-scale fabrics. They also were unsure of how to use it. As odd as it sounds I recommended adding other similarly loud prints to it. We added a whole bunch of other large-scale bright prints to it and they totally toned it down. That student used our Party of Four pattern and it looked fantastic. Don't give up on it! It just needs some good playmates!