Monday, May 3, 2010


Do you have a clue what I'm talking about?  It means Acronyms Make Me Crazy (or Confused--take your pick). Don't look for it in the acronym dictionary. I just made it up.

Okay, so this whole acronym thing will tie into the post topic. Eventually. I promise.

I keep having to go to the acronym dictionary. I guess I'm just behind the times or something. To me, DH means Designated Hitter (yes, because my husband and son are both sports fans). Apparently in quilting blogs it means Darling Husband.

SAHM. I always thought it meant Single Adult Heterosexual Male. Really? On a quilting blog? Oh, you mean Stay At Home Mom. Ooooh........

HST. Half square triangle. We have now arrived at our DT. Designated Topic.

Some quilters love half square triangles, and Rita, who makes phenomenal quilts, highly recommends them for their "therapeutic benefits."

Unlike Crystal, who not only dislikes piecing HSTs, she also dislikes making HSTs. And that's okay, because there are lots of other things she really likes making and her quilts are equally amazing.

I think I fall halfway between the Rita and Crystal. Making this many HSTs can have a tendency to make me really crabby tired, preventing me from calling them therapeutic. In fact, I have occasionally sought temporary solace with a glass of wine. Which in turn makes it really difficult to sew HSTs. So maybe there are other issues to be explored...

Anyway...when they were all done, I was in love with this quilt.

Over a year ago, at quilt camp in 2009, I started making this quilt. It was originally destined to be a baby quilt. Until I realized that each block took nearly a day to make. There are LOTS of HSTs in this quilt.  I decided that a baby quilt should be simpler, something the mommy wouldn't hesitate to throw in the wash. So I used the same fabric line, made it a little smaller in size and backed it in Minkee. Cute. And so much fun to make.

Jessie was at that quilt camp and threw in her bid as recipient of the HST quilt. Then she added her little happy dance. What else could I do? Her happy dance makes it impossible to say no to her. (Note to Luke: You ARE aware of this, right?)

I changed my mind at the last minute about the binding, and ended up using Pez from the Peas and Carrots line, and doing bias binding. Also not a fan of making bias binding. But in this case it had to be done. And it was worth it.

Saturday was Jessie's bridal shower. I think she is pretty happy with the quilt. It's nearly One in Every Color.

And that made me happy as well. So now all I can say is KISS. No, I mean that literally, Jessie and Luke. Just kiss. 


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Grandma G said... #

I can see why she danced for it! Beautiful!

The baby quilt is super-nice, too!

And the bride is beautiful.

I agree... KISS. (And I happen to know the acronym. But I meant it for J&L, too.) ;)

Jocelyn said... #

Beautiful quilt. I love how all the colors are used. I think she will be very happy with it.

Jill Chapman said... #

I absolutely ADORE this quilt (that's not an acronym, just an emphasis!). It's beautiful and worth every glass of frustrated wine/

Jen said... #

Both quilts are wonderful! I love them! And wow on the HST quilt! That is amazing...lots of work went into that one, I can tell!

And ahhh, the acronyms...I live my life by acronyms since hubby is in the Navy. (but they aren't teh fun bloggy kind) EVERYTHING is an acronym and I never know what he's talking about!

CitricSugar said... #

OMG, I love it! LOL

Hee hee - I have a hard time with all the acronyms as well. We have a thousand and one of them at work and it sometimes takes just as much time as it saves....

Beautiful quilt, though. Just a stunner!

The Luedtke Family said... #

Lovely gift for the Mr. and Mrs. To Be!!

As far as acronyms, I have no clue. I had to refer back to your definition while reading. Seriously, HST should not be that difficult to remember after 2-3 sentences!

Kristen said... #

Ok, spill it: what does KISS mean?! I thank you for this acronym post, I was just reading another blog and wondering why her Designated Hitter would make her dinner...
I thought I had it down with the LOLs and IMHOs, and I even have a teenage brother as a secret weapon/dictionary, but all those bloggy terms! Whew!

Dresden Quilter said... #

It is so beautiful and so amazing. I have just started in the past year to using those HST. They have been both fun and frustrating.

Grandma G said... #

I think regarding Cindy, it would be more appropriate as KIS. :)

Crystal said... #

That quilt is gorgeous! I really do love looking at HST and I'm in awe of people who like making/piecing them. (I wish I liked making/piecing them. sigh...)

Fantastic colors, block, border, binding, everything! I love it all!

Letterpress said... #

I totally get the switch-over for the baby quilt. I decided to do a new Christmas quilt and each square took me about a 1/2-day and I'd planned for 70+ squares in the quilt. After doing 30 blocks, I re-examined my brain, and re-designed the quilt (adding sashing and a border) so I only had to make 42 blocks. I started this last November, and finished the blocks (in between the job, family, etc) last week. Now to figure out the border.

I would have done a happy dance for that quilt of yours, too. It's gorgeous!

ilovebabyquilts said... #

Really nice post! I, for one, detest HST. Since I don't own a machine, they are a pain in my rear, what with all the marking of diagonals and slowly sewing on both sides, etc. Those blocks that took you a day would take me two weeks each!

On a side note, one of my quirky habits is that when someone says the name of a company or group, I HAVE to work out the acronym in my head and say it out loud.

Little Spouse in the Old House said... #

She will cherish that quilt forever! Janice

Cheryl Arkison said... #

I am so with you on bias binding. Ugh. But I will admit to liking the HST, a lot.

Karen said... #

That is one seriously gorgeous quilt! Great colurs.

Toni said... #

I love this one Cindy. Beautiful job, as always!

wishes, true and kind said... #

Great quilt!

JHNickodemus said... #

I la-la-loooooove it! It is sooo fantastice! I spent a good chunk of packing time gazing at it today!

Sweetpea4kids said... #

That is such a gorgeous quilt. Amazing.

amy smart said... #

Oh my, I love that HST quilt! It is gorgeous - a work of art. AND made from my favorite, American Jane! :) So cute.