Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tufted Tweets Winner

I meant to post the name of the Tufted Tweets pincushion winner earlier.  And this is my reason for not having done it yet.

Some of you may know that we are part of an owner group of Lakeview Cottages, rental cabins at Huntington Lake, which is 7,000 feet elevation. We have had freaky weather this spring, snow, snow and more snow. Our first guests should have been checking in yesterday. But we have not been able to get to the cabins to open them up. Oh, and we have no water yet. This is what it looked like at Lakeview Cottages yesterday. And remember it is JUNE!

The road leading up to our driveway:

The only way you had a chance of getting up the driveway was with four-wheel drive. Mark, who grew up in Minnesota, was able to get up the driveway in our 4-wheel-drive Pilot (and had a good time doing it, I might add...). And he had brought a sled along. Wondering why someone who lives in the central valley of California even owns a sled? Because it always pays to be prepared. "Our" cabin, the one we use in the off-season when we are opening or closing up for the season, is in the shade during much of the day. So this is how Mark get our icechest to Cabin G.

A view around our cottages:

This is our lakefront. This is where there should be boat docks and our "fleet" tied up and ready for the water.

So the guys spent most of the day scooping snow. It was actually t-shirt weather so by the afternoon the snow was doing some nice melting. The snow had been scooped away from the driveway, but then it turned to mud.

So it was still hard to make it up the driveway:

And the point of all this? I'm just now getting around to posting the winner of the Tufted Tweets giveaway.

Soooo...without further ado, the winner is lucky Number 13, Sooz, who said:

I'm so glad I found your blog thru Laurie's post/giveaway link. Lovely! I'm a big fan of hers, as well, and now of you! Best.

June 1, 2010 5:05 AM
Congratulations, Sooz. This little bit of Tufted Tweets goodness will soon be winging its way to your home.
Thanks to Laurie of Scarlet Fig, and fabulous designer of the Tufted Tweets line (which should be making its way to fabric shelves soon), for sending these fun selvages. The winner of the other pincushion is posted on her blog.
Another really fun giveaway will be happening here in just a couple of days, so watch for it!


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Sooz said... #

Oo...oo..ooh! I am SO VERY EXCITED!! thanks so much, and I'll have to thank Laurie, too. This really is a fun way to get to know each other better, keep the inspirations flowing, and the crafters a-crafting. I will email you my address. Thanks again!

And btw, I love your post about the snow. Being an irrepressible New Englander, I love/know barometric oddities almost as much as I love fabric. that snow on your cottages is REALLY odd, though... good luck!

Grandma G said... #

Loved, loved, LOVED it!! Mark's good time up the driveway and his pulling the awesome sled made me literally laugh out loud. :)))

And I'm sooooo glad it's you and not me! ;)))

Hoping that white junk disappears SOON!!

Actually, you should've let your guests come... they might've had a blast. Might've.

Thanks for brightening my afternoon. Forgive me for enjoying it so much. ;)

DianeY said... #

It was interesting seeing the photos of Huntington Lake. I'm assuming this is in the mountains above Fresno. Back in the late 1950s, my family used to go camping there in the summer! It was somewhat remote-we used to hike to a gas station to use the bathroom and walk on a log over a creek to get water. In the daytime we all got sunburned by the lake & at night all our food froze-not to mention our toes! What fun we had!
Congrats to your winner (booHoo-it wasn't me)

JHNickodemus said... #

Hah! Looks like an adventure! Happy Lakeviewing!

Needled Mom said... #

I am trying to imagine where Lakeview might be. Our son has a place in Mammoth and it has been the same way this year. AMAZING!!
Yes, we have a sled too!!! One never knows when we will need it.

Congratulations to Sooz!

Christa Wiens said... #

Crazy! Remember this next year when it's hot in April.

Little Spouse in the Old House said... #

In Kansas, climate extremes are normal! Loved the cheering on the video. Janice