Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where Bloggers Create: It's a studio tour

Don't you love to see where other creative people do their creating? Did you enjoy seeing all the fabulous quilts during Bloggers' Quilt Festival?  "Where Bloggers Create" is a tour of those places where creative people do amazing things. There are around 350 studios to tour and the list is posted here (or you can click on the button at the right).

So about where I create. It used to be our living room, the room where Aaron would often ask the question: "You mean the one we don't live in?" Yeah, that one.  I had all my sewing gear crammed in my office: sewing machine on a card table, ironing board. And I looked longingly at that big room that was probably the prettiest room in our house, the first room you saw when you entered our house....and the one we rarely ever used.

Mark was the one who suggested I take over that room. It has good natural light and a lot of space. Which I have had no trouble filling up. It is still the first room you see when you enter our house, and there are piles of fabric and projects in various stages. But I love this room. It is colorful and comfortable.

So let me give you a tour around the room.

The first thing Mark did was bring in two big tables which are in the center of the room:

The inspiration for the green paint on one wall was Anna Maria Horner's home dec line called Drawing Room. I took a swatch into Lowe's and had them match the green paint and then used the fabric for a lampshade:

At an auction a few years ago, we scored these great matinee seats, which have plenty of space underneath for fabric:

I have a little more storage and a few favorite things on top of the cabinet next to the matinee seats, including another lamp shade using AMH fabric:

A cabinet for book storage (and my "one in every color" clock):

Some button, thread and fabric scrap storage:

A repurposed diaper changing station for quilt storage:

Mark's high school trombone turned into a quilt rack (see that little sewing case to the right? The next time you peek into my sewing room it will probably be bright orange!):

A beautiful antique we picked up years ago at a super reasonable price: more fabric storage:

I use some colorful aluminum cups from my childhood for miscellaneous items:

And I write on my walls:

Hope you enjoyed a peek into where I love to spend my time.


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felicity said... #

We downsized from a home with a formal living room to an urban townhouse about 4 years ago. The only thing I miss about living in the burbs is having a large, dedicated quilting space. Yours is absolutely beautiful and the personal touches make it all the more special!

DianeY said... #

What a great room-love how you decorated around being functional. And I adore your trombone quilt hanger!

Kate said... #

What a fantastic space. Thanks for sharing. I feel I know a little bit more about you now. I'm quite jealous, you even get to write on your walls - love it!

bettyp said... #

OMG!!! A room to die for !! Your a lucky girl!!!!

Malisa said... #

Wow! This is a great place to work! Those theatre seats are too wonderful! Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your studio and into your world! When you have time, drop by my blog for a visit!


debi said... #

Oh!! I LOVE your theater seats!!
Your studio is so well organized and beautiful!

wishes, true and kind said... #

You have an awesome space to create: inspirational and well-organized. I love the theater seats and writing on the walls!

Grandma G said... #

What a great place to work! And your aluminum glasses remind me of my favorite grandma and raspberry Koolaid! :)

Decor To Adore said... #

What a wonderfully creative space!

I adore your storage solutions. They have inspired me.

Tobi Britton* said... #

Wow- your space looks like a showroom! Just beautiful!
Thanks for having us over and sharing it with us!
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!

Deborah said... #

What a great space!

Mari Brown and Colourblob said... #

I enjoyed this very much, you have a great space for your sewing and other creative moments : ) Love the old seats with the baskets under them.
Thanks for visiting my blog, this way I found your's and Im glad I did.

Unknown said... #

thank you for visiting Blueskies!!! Your room is great! So much light and function, I love it. How you keep all your material straight is a mystery to me, but it does look beautiful all lined up and folded!

Anonymous said... #

Ooh such a beautiful studio. Few thing make the heart beat faster than copious stacks of colourful fabric! I have made quilts in the past but then got distracted by other things.Seeing your lovely things, I think it's time to get back to them.

I'm signing up to follow your blog. I'll stop in now and then for a dose of inspiration. Thanks for the tour...


Melissa (5M Creations) said... #

What a great space. I love to see other peoples creative areas. :)

Isabel said... #

Hi Thanx for sharing! Love the color on the walls and your inspiring studio, such a fun room love that you write on walls:O) Isabel

craftyles said... #

I had to comment on your wonderful trombone quilt rack. My son plays the trombone-although he's still using his. Great space!

Cheryl Arkison said... #

What a lovely space to create in!

The Luedtke Family said... #

Our unfinished basement is where we office and I create. We've talked about sprucing it up. Such neat ideas for inspiration. I guess I won't be keeping that changing table unassembled and stuck in a corner!!!!

CitricSugar said... #

Cool space!! I try to collect little nudge-quotes here and there, too....

PS - your 'racy' photo is awesome!

shelia said... #

i ADORE!!!!

thanks for sharing. i'm getting ready to switch sewing rooms (daughter left for college) and i love your ideas!!!

..i'm crazy about the trombone!!!!

Angie said... #

Fun studio! My area is all over the house and definitely not as organized. I envy your one area and the organization!

Sue@MyArtsDesire said... #

You know it's your room when you can write on the walls and not get into trouble! Ha! Love what you wrote and what a good reminder for us all. Those vintage theatre seats are WAY awesome! So many personal touches that make your room very special! Xo, Sue

kluless said... #

Thank you for the tour. Love that quote!!

Unknown said... #

OH I love your old theater seating! This is a very cool space. Love the green!


randi said... #

we have that same green in our family room. i love all of the fun stuff you have on your walls--i really need to play more with our green.

Karen Valentine said... #

What a great room! I LOVE the apple green on the walls! Thank you so much for joining the party and sharing it with all of us!
My Desert Cottage

Anna said... #

Your space is unique and fun. I love your lampshades and your accent wall and those theater seats. And of course, all that space.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said... #

Before I forget, I love your pincushions that I saw in the most recent post! Also, thanks for visiting my space. I think it's a great idea to use this room; I redid my living room and I have to use it {neatly} as an office space but it is actually getting more use now. I love that green wall color and the fabric that was your inspiration.

paige renee said... #

I absolutely love that you write on your walls! My college roommate and I always wrote cute little sayings on our walls and I loved it. This brought back some fun memories!

You have a lovely space - I love all of the details!

Terri said... #

Great creative space so well organized and those row of chairs how cool are they! TFS.

donna joy said... #

those aluminum cups remind me of my grandmother's house-she had those when we were small~great use of your former living room! :)

Magpie's Mumblings said... #

How great to have a space like that. I envy you all the light (my studio is in a basement with no natural light). Love your green wall! Thanks for inviting us to visit.

Anne at Film and Thread said... #

That trombone quilt hanger is fantastic! Your whole studio is just inspiring. I love all of the personal touches.

Halle said... #

Love the green wall and that you write on them!!! The trombone is a cool accessory as well!

Sandy said... #

Blissfully bright and beautiful! I love the pops of color in your studio space, especially those old metal tumblers in the holder, I remember drinking from those as a child, they kept your drink so cold. Your clock is a fun functional piece too! Thank you for sharing.

Sandy said... #

Blissfully bright and beautiful! I love the pops of color in your studio space, especially those old metal tumblers in the holder, I remember drinking from those as a child, they kept your drink so cold. Your clock is a fun functional piece too! Thank you for sharing.

Connie Eyberg Originals said... #

You have such a nice studio. Lots of room and so nicely decorated. Thanks for sharing. Connie

Unknown said... #

absoultly lovely thank you so much for sharing your space

sexyjavabelle said... #

I love the green walls. No other color better in this world! and your lamp is extra special. I think my honey would be mad because i would never want to get outta that fabulous space! the idea of orange with it, just rocks. of all that i have seen so far and it is half. you win sista! your saved as a favorite!!!

Anonymous said... #

How lucky to have so much space with that amazing light! Love the green paint & the matching lampshades, and your clever use of the trombone. That color swatch clock is too cool (would love to steal it for my studio - lol). :D

Debbie said... #

Omg! What a wonderful space. I just love all the personality it has.

Thanks for sharing.