Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pssssst....I'm over here

I just completely stole that title from Amy, but it's really because of her  and Blogger's Quilt Festival that I'm over here. Heather and Megan have a great blog called Quilt Story where they feature the story behind the quilts, and today my One in Every Color quilt is being featured. I hope you will hop on over and take a look.

And every once in a while, it is possible to find yourself mentioned somewhere and you didn't even realize you were mentioned until you decided to take a break from being bored to tears working so hard, and catch up on your blog reading (about halfway through the post).


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Holly said... #

Just saw your amazing quilt on the Quilt Story blog. Congratulations! It looks fabulous and I love the monochromatic blocks. What a great gift!

Anne at Film and Thread said... #

Wonderful to read the story behind this exquisite quilt. It will be a great treasure for a new family.

Kris said... #

Such a beautiful quilt!

Jennifer said... #

Such a pretty quilt!

It's amazing what you can find when you take a break to read a friend's blog... I just saw my quilt along with your's on Rossie's blog. Too funny!

Jennifer :)

Barbara Sindlinger said... #

What a wonderful block to use for your color quilt.

JHNickodemus said... #

Wooooh! Go Cindy! I looooove the quilt! Our livingroom looooves the quilt!

Shelley said... #

I LOVE this pattern! I have the magazine saved on a shelf to make this one "someday". Yours is a beauty, especially with that binding :) I have sort of a "thing" for HSTs... they're just so versatile!

Little Miss Shabby said... #

Oh, this quilt is stunning! I will definitely need to hop on over to Quilt Story to check it ou!

wishes, true and kind said... #

Congratulations on being featured! That quilt is so lovely!

hilary said... #

Please could you help me find this pattern. I've done a search everywhere including looking through my back issues. I can't find this pattern. I'm crazy to make this quilt. I love using thangles and making hst's. This would be PERFECT for our bedroom. I do hope I can get this pattern. thank you for your help