Saturday, July 10, 2010

Someone put a hex on me

I'm not sure who the exact culprit is because there are so many suspects! Highly suspicious: Joan:

Good grief: Both Joan and Jennifer have hexes in their header picture, constantly reminding me how fabulous hexes are.
It could be Crystal:

or Terri:

Melanie might have been the actual spell caster, because I signed up for her Hexagon Charm Quilt Piece-Along. Yep, I'm pretty sure it was Melanie. She even posted a helpful video.

Chris from Izzy Inspired posted an invaluable tutorial on sewing the hexes together when you get to that stage. I've already tried her method and it worked for me.

I am not new to hexagon piecing. A couple of years ago I started a Grandmother's Flower Garden using the plastic templates, which I thought would be helpful. Not.A.Fan. Also I cut the fabric in hexagon shapes because I always thought that was how you had to do it. The fabric would slip, even though I pinned it in the center, and by the time I got around to the last side of the hexagon there was hardly any fabric to work with. I put everything in a ziplock, in a drawer, and decided hexagons were not for me.

(Anyone interested in some hexagons out of Civil War reproduction fabric?)

Cardstock precut templates? Fabric cut in squares rather than hexagons? Sign me up!

And did I mention "cheater" cloth? I'm doing Melanie's "charm" hexagon quilt, which means each hexagon will be out of a different fabric. I found this as I was going through a fat quarter stack to use for a different quilt- along. Bingo.

I'm not sure exactly how I found this little etsy shop, but she was destashing some Lilly Putlizer prints. Hello? LP cheater cloth? Another score.

And this a brand-new line of fabric, "Party Dress" by Mo Bedell for Blue Hill Fabrics, has cheater cloth in each of the three colorways. It's even printed in hexagon shapes.

So Melanie's piece-along calls for 1,173 hexagons. Remember I said it was a charm quilt? Each of those 1,173 hexagons will be in a different fabric. So Mark was wondering how I would possibly have enough fabric to make over a thousand hexes in different fabrics. Hello. He lives in the same house with me. He surely has noticed all the stacks of fabric everywhere...I kind of stammered something like, "Uh, honey, I have lots of scraps....." Whatever. It doesn't matter. I'm under a hex of a spell.


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wishes, true and kind said... #

Great post! I love all the fabric and hexagon eye candy. I am honored to have my hexies included along with all the other talented and creative ladies. My hexies and I thank you :) Oh -- and cheater cloth is a great idea!

Jennifer said... #

HaHa! They are so addicting aren't they? Thanks for including a pic of my hexies. I can't wait to see how your collection grows!

Jennifer :)

Tanya said... #

it's so funny that you posted this now, because I just was looking at Mom's Grandmother's Flower Garden thinking I NEED to do one of these. Now I know I'm not alone in a love for hex's

Grandma G said... #

Hexes caught my eye a while back, and even I am tempted to try something out of them. Another "will I ever get this done?" project. :)

Unknown said... #

They are truly the PLAGUE!

soggybottomflats said... #

I have a project, somewhere, that are hexies using the Civil War prints too, how funny! Yours are gorgeous, did you grow past them? I am going to "gift" some of my ufo's out too. I think I may be inspired to dig mine out and work on them again. Thanks for sharing, Elaine

Terriaw said... #

LOL - love the recap of your conversation with Mark! That sounds like something from our house too. I have yet to start making hexagons like this, but I'm really itching to, so one of these days...

JHNickodemus said... #

I cant wait to see how it turns out!

Crystal said... #

Nice fabrics! I can't wait to see more hexes!!!

I'm tempted to buy that fake hexagon fabric...been seeing it around. Maybe when I get ready to place another order, although it'll be a while since I just ordered 18 yards of various kona solids. Oops...

Brandi Hussey said... #

This is exciting to me - I've never really learned how to create with fabric, and I'm really taken with the hexagons in this post. I can't wait to see what you do with it!

Selvage Quilter said... #

I think I feel a case of hexies coming on too!

Your selvage quilt is featured today on: It's beautiful!

trish said... #

Oh what a wonderful challenge. I am currently working on a hexagon quilt, but it definitely has repeats in fabrics. :o) I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend.
Sincerely ~ Tricia