Friday, August 13, 2010

Customized--the Aloha edition

I think we have firmly established my selvage obsession so we no longer need to touch on that topic and how I obsessively categorize them into "themes."

So let's move on to my new favorite thing to do with selvages, which is actually a subcategory of the whole "theme idea." Specific customization. Isn't that a fancy-schmancy term to apply to something that is basically being saved from the recycle bin.

Anyhoo....when Diane approached me about making a customized pincushion, I said, "Bring it on." She lives in Honolulu and sent me the most amazing collection of selvages, some she definitely wanted in the pincushion and the rest I could keep for future pincushions. (Yes, I see a pincushion or two named "Aloha" here before too long.)

She wanted her name, and requested "Dance with me, Henry" (kudos to Jennifer Paganelli for all the great things that go on her selvages, and of course, Alexander Henry). She also included a hot pink vintage selvage which read "the cockeyed mayor of Kuanakakai." She told me it is the main and practially only town on the little island of Molokai, and she had an uncle who used to always hula to that song. What a fun memory.

The fabric she sent for the back had me humming "Lovely Hula Hands" the whole time I was sewing. It is possible I even tried swinging my hips once or twice while at the cutting table.

Kinda made me want to order one of these from ebay.

But I stopped myself just in time, and focused on a search for my other current obsession, Flea Market Fancy grey seeds fabric. Just thought I'd throw that in. As a shameless plea. You case you're reading this and have some scraps and don't know what to do with them...



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DianeY said... #

EEK! I am so excited! It is perfect!!

Jennifer said... #

soooooo fun..thanks for sharing this with me..Jennifer

Grandma G said... #

Very cool! And I want to see you doing the hula! ;)

Jennifer said... #

Too cool! I'm so glad you have shared your obsession because now I actually pay attention to the selvages. And yes, there are some really fun ones...

Jennifer :)

wishes, true and kind said... #

You have so much fun with your selvages, and I think arranging them into themes is brilliant :)

Unknown said... #

That's awesome! Love the personalization!

Kaye Prince said... #

Love the pincushion Cindy! And I would totally send you some grey FMF seeds if I had any more than the tiny scrap I just received myself! Did you see the FQ that sold recently on eBay for like $75 - crazy!

k said... #

I think you should order that hula girl. Who can resist a swishy skirt?

Sew Many Mamas said... #

Oh, fun! I'm going to look at my selvages in a whole new way! Love your blog : )

randi said... #

super cute little pincushion! i love that it's customized! :)