Monday, August 23, 2010

My week in color

I'm taking an online course:


and I have been thinking about color a lot. Not unusual. I'm always thinking about fabric, playing with different color schemes. And I'm a little behind on my homework (sorry, Brandi--you're a great instructor, I'm just a procrastinator as a student...) but some of the assignments made me want to visually explore this a little more:

Ever since I was little, in my mind I have always associated the days of the week with certain colors. Monday is always yellow, Thursday is always kind of a raspberry color. Not red. And I really like red. But Thursday isn't red, it is raspberry. And I really like green. But there is no day that is green.

Today I decided to see what my week looks like. In fabric.

Now that it is all laid out, it looks kind of weird to me. And I wonder how I came to associate brown with Friday and gray with Saturday.

Not a clue...

Do you associate a certain color with a certain event? Do tell...


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Brandi Hussey said... #

I'm so glad that you're enjoying the class, Cindy! I think that's fascinating that you've colors for the days of the week. Is there particular reactions between those colors and the way you feel about those days? Is yellow energizing to you? Maybe that's why you associate it with Monday. Is brown comforting to you, like chocolate? Maybe that's why you associate it with Friday?

Either way, I think this is an awesome thing. I actually really enjoy those colors together - any plans on using them as a palette and incorporating them into a quilt?

Terriaw said... #

I want to be a color rockstar! What a cool idea for a class. I love taking color classes. I also love your thought process for each day, especially how you laid out these colors for your week. I am going to think of events and try to associate colors with them. Such a great exercise. The first one that comes to mind is black for going out, like to the symphony or a concert, since it's such a classic color.

BTW, my step grandma was a dietician, and she always thought it was important to serve colorful meals (which means pasta and potatoes would make for a boring meal!).

CitricSugar said... #

Very interesting how your week looks in colour! What a cool exercise!

There is one particular shade of orange that I call Braveheart Orange. I'm not entirely sure why but I think it has to do with the movie poster and the fire behind Mel Gibson... In my family, we use pop culture references like that to describe colours and moods, anything that is more a feeling than something tangible. Never really noticed it until this post. Thanks for pointing out our communication systems! :-)

The Luedtke Family said... #

I associate red white and blue with Simon's birthday, green with Norah's birthday, and orange with my birthday. Nothin' for the days of the week! Interesting thoughts.

Fern @ CraftBlog said... #

I think of people as colours :)

My husband is navy blue, my son is a bright blue, my second son is orange and my daughter is a very muted pink.

Not sure how or why, it just came about like that.

Jennifer said... #

That's very interesting that you associate days of the week with colors. I've never been the type of person to associate colors with much of anything but I guess that's the logical part of me shining through...

That's a very cool concept for a class!

Jennifer :)

elle said... #

what a great concept. What colour is your day? What colour are you? (I'm yellow but I never thought about others) And what kind of colour day are you having? I'm off to think in colour. Thanks!

Brighton Breezy Sarah said... #

Hi- yes my days are coloured - and my numbers and letters! It's called synaesthesia - there's a little bit about it on my brighton breezy blog (left panel) -
My Monday = powdery blue
Tuesday = yellow
Wednesday = orange
Thursday = deep raspberry
Friday = blue