Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Does Not Compute

Totally ripping off the blog post title from Audrie's post of yesterday. And thanks, Audrie. Hope you don't mind too much. Your conversation posts are some of my favorites!
Have any of you had to make the little wooden cars for a Pinewood Derby race? When Aaron was 10 or so, he and Mark carefully carved and painted a car each year for four years. Their cars weren't always the prettiest, but they were pretty fast. I was going through boxes in the attic trying to find some of Aaron's old storybooks that Charlotte and Levi would enjoy now. And I found four of these Pinewood Derby racecars.

Last night, Aaron was looking at his car from 1988, and on the bottom it said "a Grand Champ" (I think that carved out area was for weights or something to give the car some heft and make it speedier...).

Then this short conversation took place:

Aaron (handing the car over to Charlotte, who just turned 4 on Sunday): "Charlotte, this is what victory feels like."

Charlotte (handing the car back to her father): "Daddy, it just feels like wood."
Bonus picture: