Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Photo Op

A few of you may have gotten emails from me asking how you blur the backgrounds on your pictures, especially you, you (yes, flea market fancy, so nicely blurred...), you, and you. And I have received many helpful suggestions. I went to our local camera store, which specializes in Canon. I read countless suggestions in chatrooms, blogs, etc. And along the way, I learned a lot more about aperture, shutter speed, ISO--the "photographic triangle" that is responsible for getting me the look that I want (note: I highly recommend the book Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson for a lot of easy-to-understand information). The bottom line: nothing worked for my Canon G9 (something to do with the sensor). Now in all fairness to the G9, it is a great camera. Except it loves keeping things nicely focused. Which is great. Unless you are obsessed interested in having a blurred background.

Mark got really tired of hearing about my blur obsession generously said, "Honey, just go get a Canon SLR." Really. He is just the greatest husband around.

And he even said, "Yes, of course add the 100 mm macro lens" (used, because a new one carries a price tag that even a super generous husband wasn't going along with).

You'd think I could give you a better picture of this new addition to our family.

But it's taken with my G9, totally in a hurry.

And so, of course, everything is nicely in focus...


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Grandma G said... #

WOOHOO!! Congrats!! Can't wait to see the pics you'll be taking now.....

(Way to go, Mark!!!!!!!!) ;)

k said... #

Look at you, Fancy Pants!

MWalker said... #

That is the SLR I want. I have the film version of the Rebel, and have some fabulous lenses to go with it, but no the digi Rebel. Someday...
Have fun making all those fabulously blurred backgrounds! Can't wait to see the results.

felicity said... #

Oh lucky! I have camera envy.

JHNickodemus said... #

Woooh! Sooo...what's happening with your old camera? Its gonna be like Toy Story 3

Little Miss Shabby said... #

Oh how fun--good for you! Have fun playing with your new toy!! =)

Terriaw said... #

Wow, congrats to you on your new camera purchase! Always wanted such a nice camera like that. I bet you are going to have so much fun with your new toy - enjoy!

CitricSugar said... #

You two are hilarious. Can't wait to see the blurry results! :-)

Christa Wiens said... #

So you'll be photographing my quilt for me then?

Anne at Film and Thread said... #

That is excellent news! You will be so happy with it and have so much fun and we will get to enjoy the results! Congratulations!

Sara said... #

Awesome camera--we have one!

Amanda Jean said... #

hurray for a new camera! and new lens to boot. woo-hoo!

Jennifer said... #

Ooooohh, what a wonderful husband you have! That camera sounds awesome. Steve is the photography expert in our home; I'm chicken and stick with my little Sony. ;)

Jennifer :)

Nichole said... #

oh! very fun! an SLR was some of the best money i have ever spent. if only i could convince my husband that i need the 100mm macro lens too. i would love that one! :)