Friday, September 3, 2010


I'm at Lakeview Cottages until tomorrow morning, working and hopefully sewing. Mark informed me that he is tired of looking at Britney Spears' underarms. Charlotte and Levi spent a couple of nights at our house the beginning of the week, so until I can show you some pictures of the blocks I'm working on, this will be a good alternative:


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Anonymous said... #

Much better, thanks Mark

Terriaw said... #

Looks like a fun few days!

Jennifer said... #

Have fun! I hope you are able to get some sewing done too...

Jennifer :)

Grandma G said... #

We have some of those "Sweet Pickles" books! Courtney's fav is "Goose Goofs Off". Which one are you looking at there?

CitricSugar said... #

Mark made me laugh really hard just now.

Anonymous said... #

Omg and you got such perfect frosting colors!!! What a great grandma! Valpal

CJ said... #

Saw your comment on Crazy Mom Quilt's page that you were collecting LEVI tags. I might have some to send you. Not sure they are the red ones, might be orange-ish. Let me know if you are interested and I will see if I can find them and tell you the details. A friend gave them to me YEARS ago, they might be considered VINTAGE! I may not be able to find them so don't get your hopes up too high.

JHNickodemus said... #

Too fun!