Thursday, November 18, 2010

Color Therapy Thursday

Some oldies. ("freckles" by FreeSpirit to coordinate with FMF blocks. Eeek. I'm actually cutting into my precious FMF tonight; dots from Lightning Bugs by Heather Ross.)

Some new goodies. (It's a Hoot by Momo).

A week ago today was Vertical Day 2010. How did I let that pass by without even a mention? Becky called me very close to 11:11 a.m. my time (1:11 p.m. her time--all vertical numbers, get it?). And then this box arrived in the mail with all its vertical goodness (the picture totally doesn't do it justice).

11 inches of ribbon
11 straight/vertical treats (pixie sticks)
1 very "meager" contribution to our vertical year/month/day/hour/minute fund (eleven pennies--because we'll planning to fly to Chicago next year to share vertical day together--and lunch at a restaurant in downtown Chicago, called...wait for it...Eleven!)
1 early bird and vertical birthday gift (crocheted in limey green, blue and orange--lovely!)
1 length of leftover yarn--all that was left.
1 vertical Christmas ornament (crocheted in red and white, ready to hang on the tree)
Vertical writing utensils (lots of pencils!)
a great big hug.

ahh. Thanks, Becky. Anyone want to join us for lunch at Eleven next year?


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Mandy said... #

Completely unrelated to your post but the only way I have to get a message to you since you don't really know me. I am one of Christa & Aaron's friends from Oregon and I stumbled upon your blog from their friend Melissa at Marteney Love.
Anyway, I just saw the following article and thought of you (and your adorable grandkids)! Enjoy!!

Andrea said... #

What? cutting into fmf? unheard of!!!

The Luedtke Family said... #

Yep! I am already excited for lunch at Eleven City Diner at 1112 Wabash in downton Chicago on 11/11/11 at 11:11!! Glad I could contribute! Just imagine how much all of your 1 cent pennies can add up to and keep mine company!

Glad you enjoyed your package. Now you really cannot complain about your birthday on Thanksgiving, since the celebration has already started! (Hint hint, bombard this lady with birthday greetings!)

I agree, the picture does not capture the pure joy of opening and discovering the contents of that package! I almost thought of writing the note only with letters containing vertical lines. But felt that would be too cryptic. For example:

Hpp Birthd t ind!

The Luedtke Family said... #

Oh, and be sure to post a pic that displays the scarf on the recipient. I did not take one before sending. Also include when and where in CA a scarf like that would be worn.