Sunday, November 21, 2010

I did it...and, um, no....

I did it.

I cut into my Flea Market Fancy fabric. And guess what? Completely painless. Who knew? So my advice for anyone who is safeguarding this, or any other line, because it's too hard to make that first cut: just go for it. Cut, cut, CUT! And I ended up with a nice little pile of selvages, just waiting to become something equally as glorious as the fabric they came from.

And all the fabric is cut and ready to sew for each "popbead" block. (sew) pretty...

Um, no...

I'm almost fnished with my brown "connector" bead blocks. It's the technique where you sew diagonally across a square on a square. And then you cut off the little triangle corners.

At first I threw them in the trash can. And then I thought "What am I doing?? This is FMF!" So I retrieved them and sewed them together to make little squares.

Did you get that? Little. LITTLE. Finishes at 3/4 inches. Um, no. As in no way.

But don't fret. I'm not throwing them away. My friend, Katie, turned her little scraps into super cute cards.

So off I went to Joann's where all my supplies were 40% off. Cardstock and envelopes, a set of alphabet stamps. Something like this will be showing up in my etsy shop next weekend. Wouldn't they make great little stocking stuffers?

Back to the sewing room..


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Kaye Prince said... #

Way to go on cutting into the FMF! I want to get a few more prints that I'm missing and then I'm going to do the same - so scared!

I always keep all my little scraps for making bunting cards; here's one I made back in June/July for a wedding:

amy smart said... #

Ooo. Your FMF quilt is going to be gorgeous. Can't wait to see it come together.

So sad that I was so late in the game on the FMF. rats.

Needled Mom said... #

Such a cute idea!!!! I love the fabrics you are using.

Amanda Jean said... #

good for you for cutting up your FMF fabric. i bet it feels GREAT! :)

Kate said... #

Good on you cutting into you FMF! I cut into some of my precious Heather Ross, and it felt great. I'm going to enjoy seeing and using the fabric in a quilt rather than having it tucked away. I'm not sure I could give it away though. Other's just wouldn't appreciate it like we do :)