Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday Talk

Do you remember when I wrote about this pyrex, hoping my family would take notice...and maybe purchase something for my birthday? Well, hello orangey goodness!

This orange pitcher is the coolest thing. It was the centerpiece on the Thanksgiving table. During the meal I was asked, "So do you like the centerpiece?" Of course! "Well, it's yours!" Same with the cool pyrex, which I believe contained our yummy stuffing. The orange pitcher is way too mid-century-modern-cool to put in the cabinet, so it's going on my sewing table for quick access to skinny rulers and such.

Along with this.

Finally, one of my own pincushions. Customized of course. You can't see it from this picture, but the selvage on the top is "dumb dot," the selvage that started my obsession collection.

These went out in the mail today. The first is to Jennifer Moore. Yes, that Jennifer Moore, designer of fabulous Monaluna fabric (Hope she likes orange. Oh wait, these selvages are from her fabric lines, so obviously she does like orange. Me too!)

And these may or may not be gifts....probably to people who don't read my blog so I think I'm safe. But names have been covered to protect the gift-giver:

I'm joining an advent calendar sew-along, starting tomorrow. Because another thing to add to each of the next 25 days seems like such a great idea. Maybe I can get my sewing elf to pitch in. You all have sewing elves, right? Yeah, me either.


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Terriaw said... #

Yay for new Pyrex! I do love that cool pitcher.

Your new pincushions rock! How fun to be able to make one for THE Jennifer Moore. Love 'em! Good luck with your advent calendar sew-along. What a cool idea to do one thing a day. I know better than to join in, so I will live vicariously through you!

A.S.K.-P. said... #

I LOVE the Chocolate Lollipop pincushion! Coffee & Chocolate...my idea of HEAVEN! LOL

Anne at Film and Thread said... #

I love orange so much lately and the Pyrex is fantastic. A handsewn Advent calendar sounds like a great Christmas project. This will be the first time I haven't set our Advent calendar out because our daughter won't be home until just a few days before Christmas.

Jennifer said... #

Awesome! I think I love everything in this post! And that orange pitcher is the coolest...

Jennifer :)

Grandma G said... #

Guess I should expect to not hear from you till after Christmas, huh? ;)

What a fun surprise about the orange pitcher! Love it (the surprise AND the pitcher)!

Needled Mom said... #

The orange pyrex is wonderful! So many of those older ones are making a comeback and they look gorgeous.

So glad that you have one of your own pincushions!!! They are adorable.

Amanda Jean said... #

your pincushions are fabulous!!!g how neat that you made one for Jennifer Moore using her selvages. that's sooooo cool!

Letterpress said... #

You crack me up! I love that line about adding one more thing to our Christmas, but I clicked over and after reading it, I think you're perfectly sane to do this. I'm almost convinced. At the very least you'll have something to show for your Advent Season, and at the very most--you'll have a new advent calendar!

My friend and I are starting Lollypop Tree (Liza Prior Lucy's pattern) in January, and I'm doubting my sanity already and I haven't even started yet.


Coffeebean's Dailies said... #

Hi! Your Pyrex is to die for! I will have to scour one for myself when I go home in summer of 2012! Waaaa...Congrats on YOUR OWN pincushion! Yay! The other two ARE taken! One for my baby girl whom is 14 and wants to learn to quilt and sew! The other is for me!! yay!! I don't know THE Jennifor Moore but feel so good being in her company of pincushions! haha! I will certainly go check her out!! Once we sort out the pincushions; I will post on my blog and link it to yours! yay!! I'm so far from home but am loving the season!

Anonymous said... #

Its so fun to "meet" a fellow salvage collector. I keep them - I don't know why - because they are colorful, yet so far had not thought of anything to do with them.... I love your pincushions! Maybe an idea for me - thanks!!!