Friday, November 5, 2010

Whose idea was this anyway? Part 2

If things have seemed quiet around here, it's because I have been painting. You know how you start one project and then it leads to another? and another? Since everything was out of the sewing room and dining room for the new flooring, and they both needed to be painted, I started Wednesday night with the sewing room. I even painted over my beloved Kermit-the-Frog-green wall.

I'm kind of sorry to see it gone, but there is so much clutter colorful fabric in the sewing room that I was ready for the serenity of the grey walls. Yesterday I painted the dining room the same lighter grey as three walls in the sewing room, and then I decided I was so over the sponge-painted walls in the entryway which connects the two rooms, and painted them the lighter grey as well. It was a little too close for comfort with the amount of paint. I had a little left in the bowl I used for cutting in, but the roller pan was dry.

I previously had written quotes on my sewing room walls. Mark wants them back. Maybe....or maybe not...or maybe some new ones. Not sure yet.

The new floors are beautiful!

And pay attention to this picture. My sewing room will never look this neat again. But I can hardly wait to settle in and start sewing. And just as soon as I can find my charm packs, I'll try to catch up with this.


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k said... #

Love the gray, love the floors and love the quotes!

Andrea said... #

You lucky lady!! Look at that gorgeous natural light flooding into your you floors!

Grandma G said... #

Ahhhh... so fresh and lovely! And now it's ready for those fabric colors to finish it off.

Great job! Are you tired yet? ;)

Crystal said... #

Your new room looks so calm! Add in a little bright fabric and I think it'll be perfect. Beautiful!

Jen said... #

looks great! I liked the green wall too. but the gray is very nice as well!! It is very calming. The floors are gorgeous! And i see you have a changing table in there. What do you use your for? fabric storage? quilt storage? I ask because I know not too much longer my youngest will no longer be needing hers. I hate to get rid of it and I know my hubby will be pushing for that. So I figure that if I have a great use for it, I'll have a leg to stand on when it comes to pleading my case! ;) I once saw in a magazine that they had a changing table right out in the family room and used it for quilts. It looked so neat. There were several quilts folded and stacked on the changing table shelves then on the top it housed pictures in frames. I thought it was a great idea!

Kate said... #

I love the quotes on the wall! Such a great idea. And the walls look great. Your piles of fabric will look great against it. I want a sewing room!!

JHNickodemus said... #

I think the general consensus is "we want quotes" haha. Love the gray!

Jennifer said... #

Gorgeous! You're right, all the colors of your fabric will look so nice against the gray. Enjoy your new, organized sewing room!

Jennifer :)

Terriaw said... #

Wow, what a beautiful room! Just look at those gorgeous wood floors. I know what you mean about one project leading to another. Just because I bought a new radio for my sewing room, I ended up rearranging almost the entire room so I could get decent reception. I am impressed with the progress you are making!

Anonymous said... #

I love the before and after shots. I'm drooling over here. And chin up, their are people who only wish they were creative and then there are those people who say they are bored. I only wish I had all the time to do what's in my brain.