Monday, January 3, 2011

Okay, okay....

This is how my Monday morning started.

1. I saw this, checked it out, and thought, "hmmmm, this might be a really good idea."
Good thing Too bad I didn't read it before I placed an order here.

2. Then, I read this in my morning paper, not that I believe that cosmic forces are in charge of my life (or all the other people born between November 22 and December 21), but it still seems like good advice:

"Knowing when to put a halt to spending, overeating and other frivolous yet destructive behavior remains critical. The time has come to return to a little self-discipline."

Really? Not that I consider spending money on fabric a destructive behavior, but still...making design decisions based on what I already have is where I'm heading in 2011.

3. Then I went to Starbucks to buy coffee for Christa and me, and this mug practically jumped into my hand (I guess mugs can't read the horoscope section of the paper...):

Okay. Okay. I get the message...


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Jennifer said... #

LOL! I have been trying to "shop" my stash lately and I've been doing a decent job. But a fabric diet?? Yikes!

Is that mug one of those that is made from recycled broken Starbucks mugs?

Jennifer :)

Anonymous said... #

So funny - you make me giggle. Good luck on your stash diet - I think you might need it (luck that is, not the diet) :0)

Terriaw said... #

That is funny! The stars were aligned to deliver a message to you today. I do love that message, and think I should jump on your bandwagon. I certainly could use a lil fabric diet too, especially since I don't have a job anymore. Good luck to you!

felicity said... #

I guess sometimes the universe has a message for us, huh? :)

Letterpress said... #

Boy, don't I know about this--I spend waaaay too much time "window-shopping" on all the blogs I have in my Google Reader. Maybe if I did less gazing and more piecing, I could get something done!

Great post--
:) Elizabeth E.

ktquilts said... #

Me too! OUCH!! Those were my toes!! ;0) Great encouragement!! I am going to get that button!!