Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts...and a giveaway

I have been organizing: my linen closet, the cookbooks above my cooktop that are never used,  fabric (more about that later--and a small giveaway), and my pictures.  Am I the only one who just downloads pictures to my harddrive and they stay in random folders for months at a time? And then when you need to find a certain picture, you have no clue as to its location? I'm hoping to do better in that regard this year.

In the meantime, here are some pictures I came across (and they are now nicely categorized so I'll be able to find them again if I need to...)

Mark was at a jobsite in the mountains last week, not too far from our rental cabins at Huntington Lake. Coming back to Fresno (which is below the fog bank), he took these. Yes, while driving.

And remember. He was in the mountains, not at the ocean. This is what it looks like when you are above the valley fog bank.

This is what the fog looks like ahead of you...

And next to you...

Amazing pictures, don't you think? 

Sometimes when Charlotte has my iPhone, she takes pictures. I have found many pictures on my phone that make me ask, "What is this??"

I get a lot of pictures like this (gotta love Crayola marking pens...):

or this (she likes to play with fabric from a basket in the family room):

But every once in a while, I also get these gems. Pictures of her brother, Levi. Priceless.

Two random pictures snapped at Borders this morning:

Seen in the parking lot. All silver. Interesting to me on a grey day.

I still get a bit giddy when I see my pincushions on the cover of a magazine. In a major bookstore. The one in the middle.With the turquoise header. Feel free to click on the picture to enlarge. (hehe)

Then I moved on to organizing fabric. Again. Yes, once again seemingly massive piles of fabric are on the way out the door. So here's my question. Do I donate yet again to my church quilting group? I think I may have overwhelmed them a bit last year with donations. Should it go to Salvation Army or Goodwill? Should I sell it? I actually had good luck with some fabric I listed before the holidays and there are some pieces that I will list on etsy, but what about the rest of it? If someone is looking to increase their stash of nearly any color, let me know. For the price of postage it could be yours.

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on fabric donation. I have 12 pieces (each  one is about 6 x 8 inches) of really cute polka dot fabric. I'll let the random number generator pick a winner on Thursday morning.

It is also highly likely that I'll add something else to the package. I'm feeling generous, so while you're giving me advice, what color would you most like to add to your stash if you are the winner?

Do tell.


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Lee said... #

I love the polka dots! Cute stuff. I love (and need) solid colors and yellows and greens. I am a new quilter so I have not been in the position to donate yet but I would think your Church group or call a local quilt group and see if they want it? Or the local high school/jr high school home studies teacher? Thank you and I would pay postage for sure!

Lindsey F. said... #

Polka dots are one of my favorites to stash and use so I love this giveaway. Maybe a group that teaches sewing skills would appreciate your fabric donation.

Anne at Film and Thread said... #

I'm glad that quilt magazine with your pincushions is on the stands for a long time. It would be tempting to put a little post-it note on there saying "I made these!"

I have given fabric and craft leftovers to a couple of places. One was our daughter's school when she was younger. They would use them for art projects. The other is a Spay and Neuter thrift shop in town because my neighbors volunteer there. If there is a lot of fabric, I would probably find a group who makes quilts and donates them and give it to them. (I'm not entering the giveaway)

Emillie Rose said... #

Definitely want to add blues. Would love to win :)

stitchinpenny said... #

I don't think I understood the question. If you want my thoughts on fabric donation - they are simple. If you can find someone who is willing yo take your excess and turn it into something to help otherd great. Some guilds are making pillowcases, some are making quilts of valor. If no one pops up then hopefully Goodwill will dell them snd use the money to help.

Anonymous said... #

I'm always looking for some reds to add to my stash. However, I just realized the other day one color I really don't have hardly any of is orange.
For donating fabric we have a local charity here that make sleeping bags for the homeless. So if you have any big pieces of heavy weight fabric something like that might be an option.

Sara said... #

I love yellows and so if you have any yellow that would be great!!!

Polka dots are becoming my new go to for binding :)

Thank you for your generosity!

Have a great day!

pinsandneedles said... #

I'm in love with the polka dots! They are a great addition to any stash.

Maybe a junior high/high school sewing class would like your fabric donation. I also used fabric donations to help our church youth group put together a simple quilt for a mission trip.


Becks said... #

Donating fabric to a worthy cause is never a bad thing. Also, I can't tell you how many times I have picked up fabric at Goodwill and was excited about it. Coming from someone on a VERY tight budget, this has always been a welcome treasure. I need to add pinks to my stash. :o) BTW... polka dots are my fave print! Thanks for the chance.

Jodi said... #

I love the idea of donating fabrics! It spreads the love and helps people who can't afford to buy much, if at all. I sent some to India for a blogger who is doing fantastic things with women who need serious help. I was flabbergasted to read some comments by others on the web who are throwing fabric away!!!! Horrors! My stash is in need of yellows, reds and browns, white background fabric. I am on a fabric diet. My budget has been taking a hit and I'm getting myself in trouble :-) Thanks for the chance to win your beauties!

Unknown said... #

I properly love polka dots, I know some people say (like with the whole owl phase) that they're a bit over, but I am totally not one of them.

I love your blog, you have totally inspired me to collect all the salvedges. I hope to be able to create something as brilliant as your cushions one day :-)

Re donating, the best place for the fabric to go is where is will be appreciated. A quilt group sounds good, or maybe your local college art/textiles department? I know when I was doing my textile A level we would have bitten your hand off for those yummy prints.

My absolute favourite colour is purple. But I never ever seem to have any purple fabrics. So yes, purple all the way!

Brenda said... #

If you have yardage, find a group that makes quilts for relief, like Mennonite Central Committee. They will be happy to have large pieces for backing. congrats on the magazine. I saw it here in Winnipeg and I was proud of you!
I love polka dots and I would be happy to make a baby blanket out of them. And I like aqua.

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said... #

My favorite place to donate extra fabrics - scraps included - is Project Linus. They make up blankets to give to kids in tramatic situations (hospital stays, funerals, etc). I'm sure there must be a chapter in your area.
On another note, lucky you to have rental cabins up at Huntington! It is one of my favorite mountain places within easy driving distance from our home. I'm quite envious!!
My stash is in need of blacks.

sebbie said... #

I'm another lover of polka dots. When we have things to give away we often use freecycle or freegle.

What colour would I want for my stash? Well its a very small stash so any colour would be welcome but my favourite colour is purple.

Kasey said... #

Cute polka dots. And a big congrats on getting the motivation to do all that organizing! A quilting friend of mine who has had 40 years more than I to accumulate stash gets rid of hers by inviting friends over to sew- bring a machine, keep what you sew from her stash (she has a WHOLE basement!). It allows her to practice teaching a new technique, and all of the pupils get a bonus, too.

Cathy said... #

I also love polka dots. I am making a quilt that calls for 1300 2-1/2" squares and 3" squares and I think these polka dots would lot wonderful.

I donated a LOT of yarn to a church that was knitting blankets for the homeless. They were so thankful for it.

Kathryn said... #

One my guild friends teaches sewing at a local high school. Like most schools, they are strapped for funds, so everyone in the guild gives extra fabric and supplies to her for her classes. She said that there would be no sewing classes if it were not for our donations.
Your pictures today were great. I love the fascinating sights of naturs!!
If you have any red, I'm planning a scrappy red quilt for my husband. Thanks for the offer. Kathie L in Allentown

Michele T said... #

Polka dots are so fun and sweet! I can't see any group not wanting donated fabric... you should consider schools, senior citizen clubs, churches too.

Jennifer said... #

Having just organized my stash, I was surprised to see my lack of purples! Your pics are cool... especially the ones that Charlotte took. I love seeing the pictures that Chaney takes on my iPhone; it's like seeing the world through their eyes.

Jennifer :)

Needled Mom said... #

We always appreciate fabric donations at our local quilt association. We have about ten organizations that we donate quilts to and we always love it when people donate for our quilt making.

Love all of the dots. I've always thought it would be fun to make a quilt using all dots.

Color needed in my stash??? Orange!

Jill said... #

Love the pictures ( and the fabric!). My stash is seriously lacking in oranges and purples, I just organized by color. Thanks for the great giveaway!

Andrea said... #

love love love the polka dots!! New quilters (like myself) are often overwhelmed with the task of starting their stash...so I would donate to new quilters! And I would most definitely pay postage for that!!! Right now my stash is barely a stash, so I would love any colors but right now I would say yellow :)

Anonymous said... #

I'm heading over to Borders to get that magazine!! Will you autograph it for me?? And I love the pictures of the fog. It is beautiful looking down on it. Not so beautiful from below. I could use a little peak of sunshine. Or maybe that's what your blog is? A bit of sunshine!

Jeannette in St Louis said... #

Well, I could use some polka dots for one of my projects! My drawer seems to be lacking in grey and orange. I'd be happy to pay postage for the opportunity to help you organize better!

Jocelyn said... #

Don't give it to Goodwill. If you are going to give it away, give it to your quilting group, or to a new beginner quilter who is just starting to build a stash. I did donate quite a bit to a lady who was doing Quilts of Valor and she shared it with her quilting group. Is there a group that makes quilts for babies in the hospital? Love the polka dots. Very fun fabric.

arlette said... #

There are quilting groups in church, and definitely it's a good place to share. I love your black and orange dots also the turquoise, pretty colors!!!!

Sandy said... #

Love the polka dots.

DianeY said... #

I have donated to the Goodwill & I guess they sell it because I never see any when I visit-I'd probably prefer to give it to a group making charity quilts, but I've never found one localy.
Love the polka dots=I could use medium blue (not aqua) in my stash-I have none!

Terriaw said... #

Wow, these fog pictures are amazing! It looks like a magical world. Can't believe Mark got such great shots from the car. I sure hope I get to see this part of California someday!

Anonymous said... #

Those pictures are awesome - really breathtaking. So cool your pincushion pictures are still on display. The polka dot prints are way too cute - my tiny stash box welcomes any colour apart from purple - I'm not a purple person :0)

Don't you love it when children take random piccies on your phone - it's always great to see what is special through their eyes.

free indeed said... #

There is so much beauty all around us if we open our eyes to it. I see you are an alert person to notice all the silver cars :)
Sometimes I wonder about donating to Goodwill or Salvation Army...seems the workers keep alot of the best stuff that is donated...I rarely find nice fabrics on the floor....so I think I'd donate where I knew it was actually going to be used for or by someone in need...hospice type places, etc.
I think my stash definately needs neutrals. It's so hard to buy them when all the pretty colored patterned fabrics are shouting for my attention. I love aquas and greens together...I tend toward cool colors so I'm weak on warms, but definately a hole in the neutrals....:)

felicity said... #

Beautiful, beautiful photos. I like fog, actually. I know. I'm a little different.

I LOVE polka dots so please enter me in your awesome giveaway. And my stash is lacking in purples and modern browns right now.

As for donating/selling fabric. I have been culling my stash and selling lots of outdated fabric on Craigslist (no need to deal with postage!) - but for a deep discount. But $2/m is better than giving it away and I consider the the cost to be sunk already. If the bits are more current, then I would definitely try selling them in your shop.

Finally - I am so happy for you and your pincushions!!

allisa jacobs said... #

Wow, those fog photos are incredible...your hubby is one talented driving photographer :)

I'm a sucker for polka dots....good for you for clearing out!


robin said... #

Nice dots! Love 'em. I'd say spread the love around - sell some, give some. :)

I could use browns - it's so versatile.

Rebecca said... #

As long as it's nice quality cotton, I think any quilters group would love the donation. If it has other materials in it and I think it's outdated, I would donate it to a charity thrift store. I've also used up fabric for charity quilts for the Pro-Life society, and they are always greatly appreciated.

LOVE the polka-dots, thanks for the chance! And if I were to win, I'd love any other bright gender-neutral or boy prints for baby quilts.


Meri said... #

Great photos! Apparently the photo bug has bitten your entire family!

Love the polka dots...and they are one thing I love and never seem to find. My stash might need a few pinks...
Thanks for a great giveaway!

Amy said... #

OOO I love the polka dots.I love red, I could always use reds and pinks.thanks for the chance to win,Amy

Kaye Prince said... #

I have found it really hard to donate fabric - I have a bunch of fabric that I want out of here but can't find any charities that need it and I'd rather turn to them first before the thrift stores (although this is where I will take it if the other avenues run out)!

Going through my stash I realized that I actually need more brown prints and orange prints... and now that I think about it probably yellow too!

elizabeth said... #

I think you should definitely feel giddy about the magazine cover!
Polka dots are so fun.
I have given to church, thrift stores and other charities.
And the guild and quilt store is always sewing for charity too. I wonder if any local nursing homes or assisted living centers might enjoy some fabric for their quilting and crafts?
I have decided that simplify is my motto for 2011, so I am hoping to clear out a few things too!

Pam said... #

I've donated fabric several times. I love the feeling of passing it on to someone that needs it more than I do. I also love the feeling of an empty shelf that needs to be filled up with new fabric :)

Joslin said... #

I want to add bright purples. I think it's hard to find good rue purples.

Grandma G said... #

Mark's pics are so awesome! And Charlotte does a great job as a photographer, too!

You have a right to feel giddy!!

Tammy Vasser said... #

That's where I got the idea for the Ty pin cushion on my blog! From the International Quilt Market Magazine. Congrats! I'd be giddy, too!

Joy said... #

I usually give fabric to my local charity shops so they can get some money from the re-sale. Or I let friends who are just learning to sew "shop" in my stash so they can start building up their own stashes. Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway! My stash could use some black+white prints or some red+aqua prints. I'd be happy to pay postage if you want to send some of your babies to a good home:)

Jen said... #

I LOVE LOVE LOVE polka dots. I'm rather obsessed with them lately, actually! ;)

I'd say post little bundles on your blog and give them to fellow quilters on here for the price of postage! I know I'd be willing to pay postage for fabric. Otherwise see if there are other quilting clubs or quilt charities and donate to them.

Anonymous said... #

Check with your LQS, they may have some ideas. Personally, I'd donate to Value Village (thrift shop) here because it would help The Arc of Spokane. They work with developmentally disabled folks. As for colors I need? yellows and purples.

Nancy said... #

You might be able to find a nearby quilt guild that makes charity quilts to donate to...Or maybe a home school group?
I love polka dots...and love YELLOWS...

Leah said... #

I love the polka dots, any color would be great. As for donating I haven't a clue my stash sadly isn't big enough to be at that point. :)

lindaroo said... #

My quilt guild makes a lot of charity quilts for local hospitals and shelters, and can always use fabric for backs and bindings. I'm lovin' the dots, and the cheery, springtime feeling they evoke. I'm wanting more yellow, to add to the sunshine feeling!