Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Who Rules? ...and a giveaway

Shortly after I started quilting and adding to my collection of quilting "tools," I discovered Judy Martin...and her ruler. It was THE perfect ruler. THE perfect size, 7x 19 inches. After I had been using it awhile, she mentioned in her newsletter that it was not economically feasible to have more rulers produced, so when her stock was gone, it was gone.
I panicked. I bought at least three more thinking that would get me through years of quilting. I gave one to my daughter-in-law and another to a friend. I know. What was I thinking?

Eventually rulers do wear out from overuse. Some of the markings have faded. Both of my two remaining rulers are knicked in a couple of places (which now in turn knicks my rotary blade), and one of them is a bit warped (my advice? Don't leave rulers in your car on a hot day...)
I have tried in vain to replace my favorite ruler. I really like Creative Grids rulers. I have 6 1/2" x 24 1/2". Not quite right. I have 8 1/2" by 24 1/2". Way too unwieldy for everyday use.

Then when the "Cutting Edge" started making the rounds of blog land, with its blade-sharpening cutting edge, I thought I had finally found what I was looking for. It was 6 1/2" by 18 1/2", a size pretty close to "perfection."

Sorry. I'm not a big fan. It is frosted. Normally not a problem. I have a frosted 6 1/2" square Olfa ruler that I really like. But this one is a little too frosted, in my opinion. Has anyone else had that problem? And while I think the blade-sharpening edge sounds great in theory, I haven't made up my mind about that aspect of it either.

So my question for you: Who "rules" your sewing space? Do you have a favorite size? A favorite brand?

Do tell...

....and this charm pack called "Sweet Hearts" by Deb Strain and Arrin Turnmire for Moda could be coming your way. It has the cutest fabric, lots of pink, white and red. Perfect for Valentine's Day. I'll pick a winner on Friday morning.


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Lee said... #

I am a pretty new quilter but I use rulers by Rulersmith Inc. who make the Omnigrid ruler and I find they work great.
Hope you find the right one for you! I would hate mine to get knicked up! thanks for the cute giveaway!

Shelly said... #

I'm drooling over the charm pack....I don't really have a favorite size or brand, but I often use 15*60 cm ones for rotary cutting and 5*30 cm ones for smaller projects.

ConundrumChum said... #

I have an assortment of rulers, but rely on my 9x24. It would be nice to have 9x12 - a reason to go to the store!

I went to the Houston quilt show and stood at a ruler booth for a long time. I ended up not buying any, but they were tempting. The were all bright neon green/yellow.

Becks said... #

Oh man do I hate it when something I love is discontinued! I am an Omnigrid girl, and have several sizes and shapes. I've also had my eye on some Fons & Porter rules, as well. Good luck in finding something new that compares to what you love. Have you tried eBay?

WvHmmngbrd said... #

Omnigrid rulers are my workhorses! Thanks for the chance to win!

Anne at Film and Thread said... #

I'm not entering the giveaway, but if you find a ruler type that you like, please let us know! I mostly use a 12.5 inch and 6 inch square Omnigrids and a 5 x 24 O'Lipfa (?) ruler. I don't love any of them. They all slip around much too easily. I've tried putting different things on the bottom to make them grip the fabric, but that doesn't help.

stitchinpenny said... #

My favorite ruler is a 5x24 with a built in lip on one edge. It is not as wide as most people suggest using, but it works for me. I did add some anti-slip pads because I am afraid of slippage and cutting myself.

Doina said... #

Since quilting is not very known in Romania, we do not have quilting shops. I have only 60 * 15 cm ruler, and I care very much I could use for a long time.

Karen said... #

I have yet to find the perfect ruler for rotary cutting. Some are too long, some not big enough. Can't read the lines well, too many lines, not enough. You get the idea. Maybe my biggest problem (maybe I really do need glasses) is seeing the cutting edge against the fabric. I'm interested in seeing what other quilter's favorite rulers are. Thanks!

Jocelyn said... #

I also bought the same size ruler. My thoughts are the same about that I don't like the heavy frosting. Pat Sloan wrote to me and said that the opinion is split on those who love it and those who don't. I DO like the size and I did feel that it sharpened my rotary cutter after the first cut. But I heard back from some gals that it actually dulls your blade after repeated use. My solution is to use the ruler on occasion and continue to use my other rulers for the rest. My ruler of choice has always been the Olfa lip edge ruler 5 x 24. I have used it for years and except for a 6 x 14, I've worn out two of the Olfa rulers myself :-)

Unknown said... #

Hmmm, well I only have 3 rulers. An omnigrid 6x24 which is brill for cutting WOF strips for binding, borders and the like. Then I have 2 darleen zimmerman's, a 9" right triangle, and a poxy little 3x12. The triangle one is pretty useful, as I've made loads of hst's and strip twist (garden trelis) blocks with it, but the omnigrid is my favourite. Next on the buy list, a huge square. I'm thinking 12 or 15 inch :-)

Thanks for the giveaway, what a lovely charm set!

Kasey said... #

I have an Omnigrid 6 x24 of which I love the length, but I wish I had that extra half inch. I also use a 4 x 18 for small cutting, a 9.5 x 9.5 that lets me make lots of squares after I've used the giant one for strips... I tend to use a combination for every project. This is why I try to always buy rulers on sale. Oh, that and the fact that our puppy likes to taste everything (he weighs 79 pounds and comes up to my hip, but he's 6 months). I'm really tempted to contact a company back home if I can find their info because they use their scrap plastic and make custom rulers for local quilters... if I find any good info, I'll pass it on!

Terriaw said... #

What an interesting conversation! I didn't realize those nuances about the Creative Grid ruler, but I think that frosting would trip me up and cause me to cut wrong.

I use two Omnigrid rulers in 6x12 and 3 x 18 ALL the time. I've had them for over 10 years with no wearing, fading or knicks. They have the yellow markings which work well for me. And those two sizes word perfectly together.

ktquilts said... #

I use Creative Grids, the 6 1/2" x 12 1/2" the most. I love how they are marked two different ways. Love the non-slip, and that they are clear.

Thanks for the giveaway!

pinsandneedles said... #

My favorite ruler for most projects is my Omnigrid 8 1/2" x 24" ruler. I also use 6 x 12 and square rulers depending on the project.

Thanks for a chance at that cute charm pack!

Deanna said... #

My one and only quilting ruler is 5x18 with a lip to keep it straight on the cutting mat. I haven't purchased another one because it is perfect for me.

Emillie Rose said... #

I love my 6x24 ruler. Its great for most of my projects! And I love pink fabrics! Would really love to win.

Kathryn said... #

I couldn't be without a 12.5 inch square ruler. I make a lot of 12.5 inch blocks, and this makes it to easy to square them up. Kathie L in Allentown

Anita said... #

*drool* What a lovely charm pack! I have several different rulers/brands and find that I make my selection based on size. I don't have a lot of room to work right now so I'm using an Olipfa 3x18.

J-me said... #

I didn't know how much i was going to like quilting, so i bought a ruler at Walmart, its a 6x24 June Taylor ruler. It wors great! But alas i need a new one, i have cut into the ruler a few times by accident, and i just got a HUGE new cutting mat, so i think its time for a better ruler!!

Needled Mom said... #

I am a ruler junkie - never met a ruler that I wasn't intrigued by, but my very favorite "go to" ruler is the Olfa 6X12" one. I line the back of all of my rulers with the Invisigrip to keep them from sliding around. I have never been a fan of the ones that have the 1/2 inch added because I am notoriously cutting them wrong.

deserae said... #

I have several different rulers, all omnigrid, but I haven't found one that I can use for everything yet! :)

Brenda said... #

I use Omnigrid 6 by 12 (I'm on my 2nd one) and some square rulers -- 6, 9.5.and 12.5. none of them are perfect, but adequate. I feel your pain! thanks for the chance to win the fabric.

Anonymous said... #

I have 2 rulers - the Omnigrip 6x24 and an Omnigrip 6.5 square. I love the little one for squaring up blocks and it sits on my desk all of the time cos I'm constantly reaching for it.

I like that they are completely clear whilst being really well marked and they don't slip around easily - though these are the only rulers I have ever used so have nothing to compare them against.

Thanks also for the chance to win :0)

Amy said... #

Right now I use Omni Grid and some Easy Angles.I love the charm pack,thanks for the chance to win,Amy

Anita said... #

I don't have a lot of rulers but I've been using an Omnigrid 3 x 17 ruler for years. I also have a 6 inch square Omnigrid that I've used a ton. I have a smaller Omnigrid and a larger no-name ruler that I use less often.
Happy New Year!

Mary Grace McNamara said... #

I have a ruler that I use with my rotary cutter and mat that has a lip on one of the short ends so squaring it up with the mat is so easy. I also recently purchased a 4 pack of various sized square rulers with all the markings all over them and I have found them useful in marking quilt blocks and such.

Love that charm pack!


Crystal said... #

I use a 6x24 ruler the most. I need a new one, though, because the markings are worn off in places and I can't see what I'm doing.

I sometimes wish it was 6.5x24 because the widest strips I usually cut are 6.5" (for a finished 6" piece).

I love the 24" because it can cut long lenghs accurately.

I also have a 15"x15" ruler that's nice for squaring up blocks.

Now that I think of it, I have a smaller square ruler that is maybe 6.5x6.5...but that won't help me cut the 6.5 width across the entire strip like I do with the long ruler. Plus, I hate having to start cutting at exactly the bottom edge of the ruler...half the time I knick the corner with my blade. Yikes! I guess that's why I prefer the longer rulers.

Of course, they all slip around when I'm I don't know what to do about that. Looks like I'm not much help. :)

Michele T said... #

I must come from the dark ages... I didn't realize there were so many rulers to choose from! I have a small collection: 6" x 24", 4" square, 9.5" square (wish that extra half inch wasn't there!!), and a triangle (have no idea what to do with it!!)
I would really like to have one that sharpens the rotary blade... maybe for Mother's Day???

julia said... #

dang it! now that i've seen your old ruler i want to have it! i want to have those great markings on mine! :)
i've some rulers at home - the one i use most (for the big cuts) is the mentioned creative grids 6 1/2 x 24 1/2" ruler, then i love my olfa 12x12" and once i was lucky to win a ruler 5 x 10" - although i like the size, the markings aren't enough for me (no 1/8") & i had to add some anti-slip foil...that i don't need with either the creative grids or the olfa ruler...
so, if i had to recommend you a ruler, it would be one of those brands. what i like about the c.g. is, that there's the 1/2 inch added...:)
hope you'll find a good one soon,

p.s. i didn't comment to enter the givewaway but because i think it's an interesting topic :)!

Rebecca said... #

My favorites are my 6 x 24 and my 12 1/2 x 12 1/2. Favorite brand so far is Omnigrid.

Wandering Minstrel said... #

I use an 8x24 Master Piece ruler--it's a little funky because it has some cutouts for angle cutting, but the lines are fully-drawn and very precise, so I love it. And I like that it's 8 inches wide--plenty to hold on to!

The only problem is that I bought it at my LQS when I lived in Iowa, and I've only found one (unfamiliar to me) place online that sells them...

Barbara said... #

my omnigrid 12.5 x 12.5 is never far from my rotary cutter

the charm pack is absolutely precious

lindaroo said... #

Having just joined my first bee, I think I want a 12.5x12.5" to square up all my bee blocks.
The charm pack is charming; I hope I win!

Four dogs and one quilter said... #

I'm a Creative Grids girl, have a 6.5 x 12 that I use most of the time. Also have a 12 x 12 and a 20 x 20. Love that these rulers are clear and have marking in both black and white for using on light and dark colors.

The Luedtke Family said... #

Here is your chance to recreate a great idea! Partner with a fabricator, produce a prototype, and recreate your favorite ruler. Then sell it like crazy!

Marilyn W said... #

I have several different rulers made by different companies. I don't care for the ones with yellow writing and I haven't tried the cutting edge ones yet, though I had planned on it next time I needed one...will see if anyone in my guild has one I can try now that I've read your concerns about them being too frosty.



Tanya said... #

I mostly use my Omnigrid 6 x 24. It is great for most projects and makes it quite easy to line up for fast cutting.

free indeed said... #

I have the 6.5x24 Creative Grid; graduated from the Omnigrid and an earlier model still which I can't remember. It's what I learned on, so I love the size esp when cutting strips selvage to selvage with one fold.
I was curious about the edge rulers and have read other reports about the frost...not too many people like that aspect, but the sharpening they blades are almost always dull. Think I'd get a square ruler that I only use once in a while to sharpen the blade once in a while..who needs to sharpen with every cut? Thanks for the honest review.

Cathy H. said... #

I have several Omnigrids and two Creative Grid rulers. I like the Creative Grid much better. No slipping! I've never had problems with it!

Marcia W. said... #

Our favorite ruler is the Quilter's Rule that is 6.5 by 24 inches long and has raised no slip back so that can snug against the fabric. The original ruler was my mother's first and only ruler for decades. It is perfect for cutting yardage and FQ - and became nicked. So, we went on a hunt for a replacement. Kelly at can get most any ruler you name. She found us the exact same ruler at a distributor, and shipped it to us in a week. Once our blocks are complete, we use omnigrid square up rulers - without all the frosting and neon colors that make it difficult to see.
Love the charms. Thanks for the giveaway and please enter me into the drawing. Happy New Year.

Jeanne said... #
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Jeanne said... #

I've accumulated a lot of rulers over the years, but my go-to rulers as my Olfa 6.5" square and 6" x 12". I like the light frosting and the fine lines. Next to those I like the Creative Grids rulers except for how prominent the logo is -- it interferes with some of the sightlines.

I also bought the 6.5" x 18.5" Cutting Edge ruler, and I'm not loving it. The first thing I used it for was to cut some flannel, and I couldn't get a clean cut. It's also slightly awkward -- just a little too wide, a little too long. I do think it has sharpened my blade when using it with regular cotton, so I actually tend to pull it out and use it when I think the blade needs its edge refreshed. I'd probably be happier with a smaller size in that line.

elizabeth said... #

I am a 12.5, 9.5, and 6 inch Omnigrid fan
with a 6.5 X 24 inch LQS brand for long strips : )
I don't think I would like a frosted one. I have a bunch more rulers, but I tend to use my favorites over and over!

Linda said... #

I have many rulers, but in my opinion you can't beat Omnigrids!!

robin said... #

I have the 6x12 and 6x24 Omnigrid rulers - they work well for me!

AStarrA said... #

Well to be honest I just got a sewing machine from Santa :) Before that it was just a needle, thread and me haha

Susan said... #

I learned very early in my Quilting life to use the same brand of rulers for consistency, so I only use Omnigrids. Love the charm pack!

Aimee said... #

I've been using a 6.5 X 24. It's a Fiskars. It doesn't slip & I can see through it fine.

Deb said... #

I always use Omnigrid and my favorite size is the 6x24 but I do have others. I'd love to win your charm pack!

Gill said... #

I only use Creative Grid rulers and I love them! my most used is probably my 6 x 12 turnaround ruler!

petitange said... #

I have one ruler - an Omnigrid 15*30 cm. I like it very much, but sometimes it is too small. :)
Thank you for the chance! What a lovely charm set! Hugs from Hungary!

Deborah in Atlanta said... #

I have several different rulers made by different companies. Like you, I have read some negative reviewed about the cutting edge ones, so I thankfully never went and bought one of those. And I cringe when I cut because I'm so afraid the ruler is going to slip. Another reason I kept looking at the AccuQuilt, but when I thought about it, not everything I wanted cut could be done with the AccuQuilt. So I talked myself out of buying one. Oh, and got ready to enter my crazy word so my comment would take and almost forgot to thank you for the adorable fabric giveaway. Thanks! dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com

Smeeker082 said... #

I am a new quilter but I got a set of omnigrid rulers and have liked them so far. Thanks for the giveaway chance, would be perfect for a baby's quilt I need to get started on! (the baby is now 3mos old!)

Amelia said... #

I wish I could say that I love my new ruler. The size is fine but I don't like it being yellow and the markings are too thick. My favourite ruler got broken and I can't find another like it. All the best for your quest for a great ruler, when you find it let me know. Happy (belated) New Year Cindy!!

Gina said... #

I'm like you and I love rulers! I have them at my cutting table of course, my machines and my ironing board. Oh yeah, I even keep one by my computer! The one I use the most is a 6x24 Omnigrid.


Karen P. said... #

I use an olfa 6x12 that was a gift way back when I bought my sewing machine. A longer one is on my list of things to buy next! I'd love to know,is there a way to keep it from slipping at all?

Susan said... #

I have Omnigrid rulers. And would use the charm pack for a baby quilt! Thanks...

fern said... #

omnigrid for me, I have a 24x5 which is my perfect size, i love it!

Peach Rainbow said... #

Actually quilting tools are very rare to find here in Sri Lanka but I'd love an Omnigrid 6x24 ruler.
Thanks for the chance :)

Pam said... #

I bought a Creative Grids ruler last year and I love it! I doesn't slip as much as my OmniGrid or Quilt in a Day rulers.

Thanks for the chance to win@@

Unknown said... #

I like my June Taylor 6" x 12" and Omnigrid 6"x 24". For little projects, EZ Square Jr. is great. Thanks for the great giveaway.